Spider-Man: Miles Morales Rhino Boss Guide

The Rhino is a tough and stubborn boss, and players will encounter him a few times in the game. With...

The Rhino is a tough and stubborn boss, and players will encounter him a few times in the game. With this Spider-Man: Miles Morales Rhino Boss guide, we will breakdown the two boss fights that you will have with the Rhino and give some tricks and tips to help you along the way.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Rhino Boss

As mentioned before, you fight Rhino at different sections in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Below we have covered both the encounters against this tough boss.

The First Encounter

The first encounter with the big bad Rhino happens when you are tagging along with Peter Parker, your spider-man mentor.

In this fight, you don’t actually directly fight the Rhino; it’s more like you’re assisting Peter. After the initial cutscene is over, the fight starts.

Rhino runs off with Peter, but you have to first deal with the loose prisoners.

They are just basic thugs, nothing special about them; use your superior agility to take them out.

Another cutscene will trigger, after which you have to chase down Rhino and Peter throughout the city, and rescue as many civilians, falling or about to be hit by debris as you can.

When you finally catch up to the running behemoth of destruction, you have to mount him and try to steer him.

He will try to hake you off, but quick time events let you reattach yourself to him.

After a while, he will lose you again and you have to swing across the city to catch up to Rhino again.

After that, you and Peter again will have to split while you deal with more thugs loose in the city. Be wary as now some of them will have guns and can shoot at you from long range.

Catch back up to Peter and the Rhino and you’ll be prompted to use your new Venom abilities.

Follow the onscreen instruction to deal massive hits to Rhino. These hits will stun the boss, giving you the opportunity to deal even more damage.

Now you’ll fight him one on one. Wait until he charges you and dodge at the right moment, get behind him and steer him into stuff.

Watch out for his leaps, and if you get hit, then a quick time event will trigger for you not to get completely pulverized.

Dodge and be smart, wait for your Venom attacks to get ready, then charge at the Boss.

A cutscene triggers at the end, showing you delivering the knockout punch. And then you run off to see to the injured Peter.

Rhino Boss Fight #2

The Tinkerer/Phin will help handle the guards, you need to focus on the big boss.

The Rhino will be immune to your Venom Strikes and hence you will have to tear down his armor first to deal some actual damage.

The armor comes off by slamming the boss into stuff and stunning him.

A good move is to wait until he charges you and dodge at the right moment, get behind him and make him crash into an APC vehicle or some other hard material you find.

This will also stun him. Use this moment to launch a barrage of attacks and use your special takedowns for extra damage. Don’t use your Venom blows just yet though.

When he recovers, be patient and wait for him to charge you again.

Watch out for his heavy stomping and even him picking up and throwing large rubble chunks at you.

Once you get the whole armor off, you will enrage the boss enough that he will even start throwing APC vehicles at you.

But like in the crane and engine room, you can supercharge engines and throw them back at his face.

Be wary as now the stomp attacks will send three shockwaves rippling through the ground.

Once you break off his Roxxon upgrades by throwing those supercharged engines at him, now is the time to utilize that huge amount of venom stored up and deal some damage.

Use venom burst to stun Rhino, the Boss. Now use this opportunity and go wild on him and wreck him.

Keep up the pressure and soon the boss will fall. However, this ends the mission but not the fight as a cut scene plays and things don’t go to plan.

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