Spider-Man: Miles Morales New Thwip Walkthrough

This guide will walk you through all the main objectives of the "New Thwip” mission of Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Are you all set for Pete’s Surprise for Miles in the third mission, New Thwip? There is a lot of fun and learning ahead and a number of collectibles, main objectives, and side objectives. This Spider-Man: Miles Morales New Thwip Walkthrough will walk you through the entirety of the “New Thwip” mission.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales New Thwip

The New Thwip mission in Miles Morales takes place in Harlem and nets you off with certain skills and a whopping 3500 XP.

Swing your way through the buildings as you listen to the podcast to the marker in a random building in Harlem.

On the rooftop, you will find a console in the corner you need to interact with to start different holographic challenges spread throughout New York.

Once the challenge starts, you will need to defeat the holograms according to Pete’s instructions.

You will learn several techniques like Aerial combat, disarming armed enemies and stunning attacks.

The first hologram has to be attacked with your uppercut by holding down the attack key, followed by assaulting the stunned hologram.

Next up is the Swing kick, which you can perform on the next hologram by holding down the attack key, mid-air.

Finish off the next three holograms like this and then use your web to disarm the next set of armed holograms.

Next up will be another surprise for you where Holographic Peter will already have an ambush awaiting you, which you will have to deal with your Venom Punch Slam.

After you have experienced the new Venom Punch Slam, get ready to defeat some more holographic hostiles with the skills you’ve just learned.

Eventually, the simulator will malfunction and unexpectedly, some real thieves will come out of the door to steal Pete’s tech wonder.

To your surprise, the holograms will start to spawn too! Use your webs to disarm the thieves and to bring down the nearby structure on them.

Avoid the gunfire and timely disarm the thieves, send them mid-air and bring them slamming down! Perform some fancy moves and finish them off.

After all the hostiles have been taken care of, interact with the simulator again to fix it and unlock all the challenges spread throughout New York.

Completing them will help you earn tokens, which you can use to build suits, mods and other gadgets.

So head out there, complete the challenges and obtain the skills and the token you require.