Spider-Man: Miles Morales Curtain Call Walkthrough

To help you out with completing the Curtain Call mission in Spider-Man Miles Morales, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through it.

To help you out with completing the Curtain Call mission in Spider-Man Miles Morales, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll walk you through the entire mission step by step.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Curtain Call

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales Curtain Call mission, Miles will learn more about the Nuform and why it’s being used by the Underground.

Power Off the Generators
To start off this mission, head towards the Gem Theater, which is on the upper eastern side of the city.

When you get near this building, a cutscene will trigger, showing you that the underground has taken over this building and the entrance on the roof is electrified to keep intruders out.

So, your first objective now is to find a way to disable the generators so you can enter this building.

There are several Underground scattered around this area, so you’ll need to take care of them first.

After the cutscene ends, swing towards the generator that’s located up north and take out the two snipers that are standing on the roof.

After these two snipers are taken care of, jump down towards the generator and fight the six Underground standing there.

Once you’ve eliminated all the Underground, interact with the generator to drain its power.

Now, swing towards the generator that’s in the lower area next to the theater.

Swing from the lamp posts to take out the two snipers that are standing on the ledges opposite to each other.

After that, bait the Underground towards the scaffolding and then drop it onto them to eliminate them quickly.

Your next target is the generator to the south. This generator is on top of a large rooftop, which is being patrolled by nine Underground.

However, there are no snipers near this one, meaning you can just brawl with these nine Underground to clear up the area.

The last generator is on the tallest building to the east. Take out the sniper and sword-wielder first and then jump down towards the generator.

Instead of brawling with the Underground, sneak up from under them and use your webs to tie them up.

Once the coast is clear, power off the last generator and then return to the electrified gate.

Since the power is off, it won’t be electrified now. Destroy the gate using your Venom Smash attack and head inside.

Unfortunately, the debris from the gate will block your path to the main auditorium.

Pull on the wheel to your right using your webs to open up a gate and then spam it with webs to keep the gate open. Go through the gate and crawl up the wall behind this gate.

This will take you to an area where you’ll see a large silo.

After investigating this silo, you’ll have a hunch that the Nuform is in it. To open it up, you’ll have to charge the generators.

Power Up the Generators
There are multiple generators that are all connected to the container. You’ll have to use your Venom Punch to power up each one of them.

Head into the room at the back of the theater and interact with the weapons and shields, then use your Venom Punch on the generator there to power it up.

After it’s powered up, aim at the cable coming from the container and hold L1, then aim at the cable opposite to it and press R1, and then aim at the generator and press R1 again to tether it up.

Go up the slope near this generator and interact with the desk containing notes from Rick.

This generator doesn’t need any tethering, so just use your Venom Punch on it and your job will be done.

Make your way to the main stage and pull on the gear to raise the wall which will reveal another generator behind it.

Before you do so, make sure to interact with the desk there to learn about the information Roxxon has been receiving from the Underground.

Then, power up the generator and tether it to the container.

Before you go to the net generator, interact with the other desk in the corner and then break the wall behind you and destroy the Underground Cache.

The final generator is on the balcony. It’s behind the wall that the cable coming from the container leads to. Smash the wall, charge the generator and then tether it up.

You can then interact with the console on the container to open it up.

This will trigger a cutscene, during which you’ll be ambushed by several Underground.

Fight the Underground
Fortunately, you’ll manage to get out of the Underground’s sight before they enter the area. This means that you’ll be able to take them out stealthily.

There are several beams of light attached to the walls in this area.

You can swing from these beams and take out the lone enemies without being spotted.

After you take out all the lone enemies, shoot some webs towards the grouped-up enemies.

This will make them spread out, which will allow you to pick them out one by one.

After you eliminate all of them, another batch of enemies will burst through the door and you’ll have to fight them head-on.

There will be a new type of enemy among them. He’ll have a large shield and a hammer.

Break his shield using your Venom Punch and try to take him out quickly. You’ll have to play very aggressively, as he can recover his shield over time.

Defeat the Tinkerer
After you defeat the Underground and try to take the Nuform, the Tinkerer will make a surprise appearance and she’ll take the Nuform with her.

As you’re chasing her, she’ll launch rockets at you periodically. Make sure to be ready to dodge them.

You’ll eventually catch up to her, but she’ll then start running down the streets.

As you’re swinging, you’ll have to now keep yourself near the ground by using swings.

The Tinkerer will lead you to the docks, where you’ll start running on the side of a ship.

Keep running on the ship until you’re close enough to the crane to swing from it.

She’ll then run into a building. As you’re running up the side of this building, she’ll launch a bunch of deadly spinning blades towards you.

To dodge then, you need to jump over them.

To dodge the singular blades, just move to the left or right of them.

Once you reach the top of the building, a cutscene will play, after which the  Curtain Call will end.