Spider-Man Launch Day Patch Content Leaked Online

The new Spider-Man title for PlayStation 4 is releasing next week, bearing expectations to be one of the biggest releases the console has seen up to date. Amidst all the hype and pre-order craze, the contents of the Spider-Man Launch Day Patch has been leaked online, bringing useful features to the game from day one.

According to Evan Filarca, head of the Spidey Squad, Insomniac Games has the first Spider-Man Launch Day Patch ready to be deployed and he has the answer to what’s included. Usually, such information is explicit and shouldn’t be shared before the developing team announces it but, in 2018 leaks and rumor have taken their toll.

Filarca revealed that the Spider-Man Launch Day Patch will include a New Game+ mode, a photo mode and bug fixes that the game would probably need at that time:

  • New Game+, along with additional “Ultimate” difficulty level.
  • Continued additional polish and minor bug fixing.
  • Photo mode, including the ability to add fun stickers and frames

Seeing a new game+ mode being added to Spider-Man this early is a breath of fresh air. However, as cool as both new game and photo modes look, nothing is confirmed by Insomniac yeat, so you should take the leak with a grain of salt. Everything will be clear on September 7th when the game officially releases.

In related news, a brand new Spiderman launch trailer has been released and it seems to promise one thing for sure, a pitch-perfect comic book feel for Spiderman comic book fans.

In the trailer, we see Peter Parker as Spiderman meeting up with Miles Morales, following that some amazing swing byes in the traffic, we can see him atop a car, which is en route on the freeway.

Are you excited about Spider-Man releasing in a few days? Are there any locations you want to test photo mode in first?

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