Marvel’s Spider-Man Corrupted Student Locations Guide

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered has several side quests that you can complete for either bonus rewards or unlock an achievement for a 100 percent completion playthrough.

One such side quest will have you track down five Corrupted Students that have fallen prey to Mister Negative. The only problem with this five-part side quest is that you will only have a general idea of where each student is located. That as well as their pictures, but which are not going to be as useful as you think.

The following guide will help you find all five Corrupted Students in Spider-Man Remastered, which will also unlock the Schooled trophy/achievement.

Where to find Corrupted Students in Spider-Man Remastered

Follow the main storyline until you reach the ESU campus in Greenwich. This will be when you get to know about Mister Negative going around the city corrupting students.

Speak with Philip Chang at the ESU campus to know more about the missing students. He will give you details about one student. Once you find them, return to speak with Phil again to unlock the next part in the five-part side quest until you have found all five students.

College Buddies

The first Student is found in the Financial District. Simply head over to the bottom section of the area to face a group of enemies and find the student to end the first of five side missions.


Tik Tok

The next Corrupted Student is found in Harlem. Unlike the previous one, this student won’t be found directly and requires interaction with an NPC near the ambulance.

Once the interaction is over, head under the bridge ahead to fight a bunch of enemies to fight and find the second student to end this side mission.

Over His Head

This is fairly an easy side mission to complete. Simply visit the Upper West Side to fight a gang and find the Corrupted Student to end the mission.

A Matter of Debate

One of the easiest locations to find as it’s a landmark on the map. Simply head over to the Brooklyn Bridge in the Financial District to fight the mob and find the Corrupted Student to end the mission.

Home Team Advantage

This Corrupted Student is found right after talking to Philip Chang at the ESU. Head over to the Washington Arc next to the ESU to find the student and end the final mission of the series of side missions.

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