Marvel’s Spider-Man Circuit Puzzle Solutions

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is not just about beating enemies to a pulp in your upgraded Spider suits. There are also some puzzles that require more of your brains than brawns.

Lab Circuit Projects are not that challenging and are mostly there as a light-hearted side activity. You will be presented with a maze of circuit blocks that must be rearranged to complete the circuit puzzle from start the end.

Some circuits will require you to watch the voltage to match the right amount while others will warrant a focus on the flow of current. Suffice to say, you will eventually be scratching your head over some of these circuit puzzles.

Note that some circuit projects are mandatory to complete as part of the main storyline. You can complete the rest for their Research Tokens.

The following guide will show you how to solve each Lab Circuit Project in Spider-Man Remastered.

How To Unlock Circuit Puzzles

In Spider-Man Remastered, you’ll first be introduced to Circuit Puzzles and Spectrographs while on the “My OTHER Other Job” mission. Only a few of these Circuit Puzzles will be available by then though, and the rest would be unlocked later on as you progress further through the game.


Circuit Project Puzzle Solutions

Actuator Precision

Minimal Grip Force

Spatial Mapping

Balance Compensation

Power Efficiency

Microcable Calibration

Machine Learning Sub-System

Stage 1 Intracranial Interference

Stage 2 Intracranial Interference

Precision Targeting