Spider-Man 2 Unidentified Target Locations

Learn about one of Spidey's greatest arch-nemesis.

The Unidentified Target Locations is an activity in Spider-Man 2 where you will need to collect Kraven’s Talon Drones. These metal birds are actually used for hunting targets by Kraven, so taking them down not only helps keep New York City safe but also gets you some handsome rewards.

You will first get your hands on one of them during the Main Quest 18: Wings Of My Own after which the remaining become accessible, marked with the yellow eagle icon on the map.

There are a total of 9 of these Unidentified Targets scattered around 8 Districts. Collecting all of the Kraven’s Talon Drones gets you the Data Collector Trophy in Spider-Man 2 and is also required for 100 percent District completion.

Finding each drone from the Unidentified Target location will get you 900 XP and 4 Rare Tech Parts, with the last one rewarding 1500XP and 8 Rare Tech Parts.

Let’s look into where you can find these flying hunters and save the inhabitants of New York again. 

All Unidentified Target locations in Spider-Man 2

There are a total of nine Unidentified Target locations which have all been marked on the map image below. Their terminals will always be found on the rooftops of the tallest skyscrapers in the area.


If you still cannot find an Unidentified location in Spider-Man 2, try to look across the ledges and balconies.

Marking all the Unidentified Target locations on the map in Spider-Man 2.


The first Unidentified Target location will be in the far east side of the Harlem District. It is connected to the story mission Wings of My Own which can be played as Miles right after completing the Stay Positive mission.

To make the drone appear, you’re required to interact with the terminal and call for the drone. A cut scene will play and then Miles will equip his web wings.

The idea here is to chase after the drone until the data bar on your right is full. Try to stick behind the drone in the yellow slipstream and dodge any attacks coming your way.

Once the data bar is full, press Triangle and destroy the drone. A small cut scene will show up again pointing out information about Kraven’s first target and the rest of the Unidentified Target locations will be marked on your map in Spider-Man 2.


Head to the Northwest of Chinatown where you’ll find the second terminal on a rather small rooftop. If you’re having trouble finding it use your scanner and look for a yellow beam in the sky indicating the location of the terminal.

The chase will be the same for the first half however after 50% of the data has been copied, the drone will take sharp turns making it hard to maneuver which is why we recommend switching to swinging from time to time. Copy the data and destroy the drone to move on to the next one.

Downtown Queens

The third location for the Unidentified Targets terminal is in a tall building in front of the Yellow Bridge in the Northern part of Downtown Queens. Set a waypoint on your map or look for a yellow beam pointing at the sky through your scanner to find it.

This chase might be a bit exhausting as the talon drone tends to drop bombs and calls for his buddies for backup. Try to take down the buddies before you go for the bigger bone.

The backup drones will be quite easy to deal with as an indicator will pop on your screen to take down the drones by simply pressing Triangle.

Financial District

The terminal for the next Unidentified Target will be in one of the skyscrapers on the Northern side of the financial district. Look for a building with 4 AC units with one of them being the terminal camouflaged as an AC Unit.

The talon drone tends to fire laser beams at you, while on the chase try to dodge by pressing O when the meter turns red and gain extra focus.

The chase will be the same and you’ll be halfway through finding all of the Unidentified target locations in Spider-Man 2.


Make your way toward the semi-curved building located in the southwest of Midtown where you’ll find the next terminal for the Unidentified Target activity. The Terminal will be placed as an AC Unit in the corner of the building with a curve.

The chase will play out the same way as it did before, just complete the data transfer and identify Kraven’s next target.

Upper East Side

Head to the southern area of the Upper East Side, a few blocks away from the Avengers HQ. Use your scanner to find the yellow beam emitting from the sky and begin the side activity.

The Talon drone will again call for backup so make sure to be ready for a fight. After completing this side activity as Miles or Peter, you’ll find that the identified person died 10 years ago.

Upper West Side

This Target location is easy to find. Just check the center of the district.

This Unidentified Target will be quite easy to find as it’ll be located directly in the center of the district with 2 drones hovering over the building.

Climb the building and begin your chase, but do be careful. Once you have copied 50 percent of the data, the drone will start blasting through walls and even take you through the subway tunnel. Try to stick to the slipstream to keep yourself stable and get done with the process quickly.


The eighth Unidentified Target location will be placed on the top of a bridge between Chinatown and Williamsburg. This one by far is the easiest and the most fun as the drone takes you on a deadly ride where you cross almost 2 districts trying to take the data from the drone.

Complete this activity to proceed in the final showdown and uncover the mystery behind Kraven’s hunt.


The last Unidentified Target location takes you to Midtown again in Spider-Man 2.

The last Unidentified Target location does not show up on your map until you have completed all the previous ones in Spider-Man 2. You will be heading to Midtown once again but this time to a building southwest of the district, right in front of Oscorp Tower.

As you come near the hologram, it’ll turn out to be a computer that has been guiding the drones all along and a few coordinates will show up. A blue marker will be shown on your map indicating the final mission for the activity called Target Identified.

How to complete Target Identified in Spider-Man 2

The location will be a penthouse located on the Upper East Side with a few Hunters already present for an ambush. Defeat the Hunters and enter the penthouse through the roof.

As you enter, a pre-recorded message from the owner of the penthouse will start playing through the speakers.

Scan the area to find clues and look for the chess table in the main lounge. Interact with the board and move the queen to unlock a secret basement leading to more clues about the mysterious person on the pre-recorded message.

Enter the basement to discover a secret lair with various masks and weapons that will be placed in transparent cabinets belonging to Spider-Man and many of his enemies from the Marvel Universe.

Your objective marker will point towards a desk with an incomplete mask sitting and Peter will realize that it belongs shape-shifting Chameleon.  As soon as you do that a poison gas will be released in the lair and you’ll be tasked to escape the penthouse.

Exit the same way you entered and a cut scene will play where Chameleon will be watching Spider-Man escape with a few sentences stating that he’s the brother of Kraven and is seeking revenge.

It turns out Kraven had a brother.

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