Spider-Man 2 The Flame Locations Guide

There's a new pyro cult on the loose.

The Flame mission locations are part of a side story that is exclusive to Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2. You will receive a distress call from an old friend to start the mission.

Along the way, you will also encounter a cult that is responsible for most of the arson attacks in New York City. Lastly, you will bump into an enemy with a long criminal history who needs to be taken down.

The Flame mission locations and walkthroughs

The Flame side story will unlock after you have completed the main story mission, Healing the World. You will be helping out Chief Clarke by rescuing civilians trapped inside a building that could topple at any time.

This will take place in the Financial District, after which the following Flame missions will take you elsewhere.

Do note that you can complete the Flame side story at any point in the game. They are not missable. You can still complete them even after beating the main story campaign of Spider-Man 2.

Where Have You Been?

In this mission, you will have to go into a building that is about to collapse and rescue the civilians in it by marking their location for the firefighters.


You will be using the Spider-bot to mark the trapped people in the building. At the end of this mission, you will face a few enemies as well.

Also, during this mission, you will meet one of your past allies, Yuri.


  • 1,000 XP
  • 2 Hero Tokens
  • 200 Tech Parts

Everything Burns

“Everything Burns” is the second of the four Flame missions in Spider-Man 2. This gets unlocked a couple of minutes after you have finished “Where Have You Been.”

In this mission, you will have to assist Yuri in raiding a shelter of a pyromaniac cult. The first thing that you need to do is go to the rooftop of the building shown on the map above.

A cut scene will start when you try to open the door there. Once the cut scene ends, you will find yourself inside the building. Here, you will have to take a few enemies down.

Something worth mentioning here is that you will be able to perform double takedowns with Yuri by pressing the Triangle button whenever a green circle appears around two enemies.

Once you have dealt with your enemies, go into the next room and look up for a vent. This vent leads to the shelter area that you are looking for. There you will see some enemies again. We highly suggest that you try to perform as many stealth kills as possible because they are instant and also time-saving.

In this room, you will find a locked door. To open it, you will have to scan the environment to find clues. It won’t be a hard task because you will be using the bodies of your enemies to open the door.

Once you have opened the door, move straight ahead and a cut with Yuri will be initiated. There you will see people being put into cells.

Go straight ahead and climb into the opening that you see above. This will take you into an open area with foes. Take care of them and scan the environment. Doing that will result in you finding the power grid that will help you free the prisoners by unlocking their prison cells.

Afterward, you will have to once again deal with some enemies and, eventually, find your way out of the building.


  • 1200 XP
  • 4 Hero Tokens
  • 250 Tech Parts

I Knew You Had It In You

Like the last mission, this mission also gets unlocked a couple of minutes after you have completed the previous one. The location of where this mission will take place is shown in the image below.

In this mission, you will go to an abandoned hospital after getting an invitation from the Flame.

First, you have to go to the roof and then into the building. You will have to deal with many enemies on the way as well. Eventually, you will come across Flame as well and get into a conflict with Yuri about how to deal with him.


  • 2000 XP
  • 6 Hero Tokens
  • 300 Tech Parts

It Was Meant For Me

Once you have completed all the previous Flame missions in Spider-Man 2, you will unlock “It Was Meant For Me” as the final mission of the side story.

"It Was Meant For Me" is the last of the Flame missions in Spider-Man 2.

In this mission, you will have to disarm 4 bombs in order to protect a part of the city. To do that, you will have to find the bombs by following the markings on the mini-map.

Once you find the bombs, get the bombs to yourself by pressing L1 and R1 and then pressing the square button to disarm the bomb. Then there will be a scene where you will have to stop an incoming train from hitting the tankers.


  • 3000 XP
  • 8 Hero Tokens
  • 400 Tech Parts
  • Saving Lives Suit
  • Unlocks the Crimson Hour Trophy

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