Spider-Man 2 Symbiote Nest Locations Guide

The alien exterminator of New York City.

Symbiote Nests are Symbiote-infected sites that have plagued New York City in Spider-Man 2. These alien parasites have huge tendrils that form towers reaching up to the sky, which makes them easier to spot but all the more deadly as well.

To clear these nests you will be using a device called Sonic Boom whose explosion targets Symbiote only, so don’t worry if you get caught up in the explosion making it a pretty convenient piece of technology.

Taking care of all Symbiote Nests will get you the amazing King In Black Suit for Miles and Exterminator Achievement.

While some sites are pretty easy to clear, others are not so much because of the core being hidden or teleporting between different spots. You will even find nests with multiple hearts which requires you to be agile and smart with your decisions.

How to destroy Symbiote Nests in Spider-Man 2

You will start with setting up a Sonic Burst on the Nest’s core and then defending it from Symbiotes till the timer runs out. Once you succeed in your endeavors, the Sonic Burst will go off, taking out everything Symbiote: the heart, the tower, and the Symbiotes as well.

While defending the Sonic Burst, you will be able to see its health bar on the top of your screen, letting you know how well you are doing.


All Symbiote Nest locations in Spider-Man 2

Symbiote Nests unlock in two phases, with the first 4 becoming available after the Main Quest 26: Set Things Right, and the remaining showing up once you complete Its All Connected mission.

There are a total of 10 Symbiote Nests that are spread across eight districts but will require you to de-fog the city first for them to show up.


There are two Symbiote Nests to destroy in the Harlem District of Spider-Man 2. The first nest will be located in the southeast corner of Harlem, between Apartment buildings.

You will find the second Symbiote nest in the middle of Harlem, right next to Pizza Amigos.


The next Symbiote Nest location in Spider-Man 2 is in the park, located towards the East of Astoria.

Upper East Side

Like Harlem, the Upper East Side also has two Symbiote Nests, infecting mostly the northern region of the district.

The first Symbiote Nest will be found in the northwest corner of the Upper East Side, located again between residential buildings.

The next infection site will be right next to the water, on the eastern border of the Upper East Side.

Upper West Side

Towards the western edge of the Upper West Side, you’ll find another Symbiote Nest.


The next Symbiote Nest location in Spider-Man 2 is near the bridge to Williamsburg in the southwest of Chinatown.

Little Odessa

In the southern area of little Odessa, you will find yet another nest inside an empty parking lot between buildings.


You’ll find the nest surrounding a basketball court towards the south of Williamsburg.

Financial District

The last Symbiote Nest location in Spider-Man 2 can be found in the northwest corner of the Financial District.

Spider-Man 2 – Symbiote Nest Rewards

Every Symbiote Nest location that you clear will reward you with 200XP and 4x Hero Tokens. Fair to say, that the rewards are pretty generous for a side mission.

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