Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bot Locations Guide

These little bots are pretty hard to find.

Spider-Bots are more collectibles in Spider-Man 2 that you can find across New York City, especially if you are looking to achieve a 100 percent completion playthrough.

The biggest challenge you face in finding all of the Spider-Bots is that their locations are not marked on your map. If you get close to a bot though, your map marks an approximate area for you to comb.

Considering that they are small in size and easily missable, you are probably still going to find it frustrating to find all 42 Spider-Bot locations in Spider-Man 2.

Collecting all Spider-Bots will unlock The Message secret quest and award you with Funky Wireless Protocols trophy.

This guide will make it easy for you to find all of the Spider-Bots by showing their map locations.

All Spider-Bot locations in Spider-Man 2

We have broken down the Spider-Bot locations of each District in alphabetical order to make your search a little easier. Do note that some locations will have multiple Spider-Bots.

Each Spider-Bot that you find in the game rewards you with 150 XP and 100x Tech Parts.


You will need to traverse a lot to find the four Spider-Bot locations in Spider-Man 2's Astoria District.
  1. Astoria Blood-Spider: Northwest corner of mainland Astoria; in the two large factory buildings.
  2. Astoria Classic: Northwest of Astoria’s island.
  3. Astoria Mangaverse: On the train track in the southeastern area of Astoria.
  4. Astoria Shocker: In the park found on the western coast of Astoria’s mainland.

Central Park

Central Park has two Spider-Bots that are easy to find in Spider-Man 2.
  1. Iron Spider: On the road that crosses from East to West across the Northern End of Central Park.
  2. Spider-Man 1602: In the rock formations in the middle of Central Park.


  1. Mister Negative: South Eastern area of Chinatown. Found in the air, just south of the Manhattan Bridge’s Western End.
  2. Spider Armor MKII: On the western border of Chinatown. It will be crawling on a mural of a woman in black with yellow prisms.
  3. Spider-Woman: Middle of Chinatown.

Downtown Brooklyn

  1. Mysterio: At the southern end of Downtown Brooklyn, in the two oddly shaped apartments that resemble an X.
  2. Peni Parker: Located in the North-Eastern corner of Downtown Brooklyn. It can be found on the building with the rooftop swimming pool.
  3. Sensational Spider-Man: Located on the Western side of Downtown Brooklyn; on the underside of the parking lot.
  4. Superior: Can be found on the North beam of the train track near Coney Island Lake.

Downtown Queens

  1. Gwen Stacy: This Spider-Bot is located on the west-side building of the highway in Spider-Man 2.
  2. Into the Spider-Verse: There will be 4 baseball fields near the yellow bridge, the spider bot is in the northeast field.
  3. Stealth: In the northeast, there are 3 lines of houses. In the middle line of these houses, the second to last house will have the Spider Bot.

Financial District

Get the two Spider-Bots in Financial District quickly.
  1. Classic Mysterio: Found in the air in the middle of the Financial District.
  2. Spider-Ham: Found near the tall building which has “Damage Control” written on it.


The Greenwich Spider-Bots are located in a straight line in Spider-Man 2.
  1. Flipside: Found in the brown Modern Art building in the Northwest.
  2. JJJ: At the northern border of Greenwich, there will be a mural of J Jonah Jameson crying as a baby. The Spider-Bot will be crawling on it in Spider-Man 2.
  3. Spider-Man 2099: You find this in the “Spider Spy” mission.


  1. Across the Spider-Verse: Found on the Southern border of Harlem, in the 2 X-shaped apartment blocks.
  2. Anya Corazon: Found on the mural having a cat at the bottom, a book in the middle, and a woman on top.
  3. Ultimate: It will be on the building with the columned structure in the park area; it will be crawling on the building’s western side.

Hell’s Kitchen

There are four Spider-Bots in Hell's Kitchen.
  1. Future Foundation: It can be found on the Fisk Tower.
  2. Rhino: Can be found on the southernmost metal tower.
  3. Spirit Spider: It can be found on the southern wall of the church which has leaves on its roof and a steeple tower.
  4. Vulture: Can be found high in the air in the middle of the district.

Little Odessa

Little Odessa has three Spider-Bot locations.
  1. Black Cat Noir: Located on the western border, on the tall building with the swimming pool.
  2. Electro-proof Spiderman: Located on the Eastern side where a building is under construction.
  3. Scarlet Spider: It can be found on the easternmost cylinder in the factory.


  1. Spider-Monkey: Found in the middle of the region, near the game’s version of the Empire State Building.
  2. Spider-Punk: Found on a skyscraper in the northeast corner.
  3. Spider-UK: Found near the building with the brown section around its windows; this building is close to the Empire State Building.

Upper East Side

  1. Arachnido Jr: Found crawling above the rooftop swimming pool in the Upper East Side district.
  2. Spider-Armor MK III: Near the abandoned Roxxon gas station, there will be a building that has a billboard top. Find the Spider bot on it.
  3. Spider-Man Noir: Can be found on the building west of the Avengers building.

Upper West Side

Upper West Side has three more Spider-Bots for you to clear in Spider-Man 2.
  1. Dusk: Found on the building with the cyan blue area on its top.
  2. Secret Wars: On the east side of the park, there will be green-roofed buildings, find the spider bot crawling on it.
  3. Spider-Girl: At the Southern end of the park, there will be a tall glass building; the spider bot will be at the top of its western side.


Williamsburg has the last two Spider-Bot locations in Spider-Man 2.
  1. Prowler: Find the park with the Russian church which has golden domes on it. Go towards the southwest and find the tall silver apartment building. Climb up to its northern face to find it.
  2. Scorpion: Find the tall building with a yellow band at the top. Look towards the east and you’ll notice the Spider-bot mid-air in Spider-Man 2.

The Message mission

Once you have collected all 42 Spider-Bots, you will unlock a secret mission called The Message. This should happen automatically. However, some players have reported that the mission fails to unlock even after finding the last Spider-Bot.

If The Message mission fails to unlock, you can activate it yourself by opening your FNSM App and selecting The Message from the list of available missions.

You need to head over to the east border of the Financial District and into the alleyway next to the apartment complex. It will initiate a cut-scene where a portal opens and Delilah, a bartender, will take the Spider-Bots off your hands.

Take all of your Spider-Bots to Delilah in Spider-Man 2.

This is an Easter egg reference to the “Beyond the Spider-Verse” movie with a little hint about the events that took place in the trilogy.

After the cut scene, The Message mission will be completed, rewarding you with 1000 XP and 400x Tech Parts.

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