Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiment Locations And Solutions

Time to go back to school.

EMF Experiments are more side activities that you need to do in Spider-Man 2. Some of them are exclusive to Peter Parker while others require you to bring out the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

Except for the Plant Science Experiments which are puzzles, both the Energy and Bee Drone Experiments are fun activities that should not be hard to do.

You will unlock your first EMF Experiment during the “Healing the World” main mission at the start of the second act of Spider-Man 2. This will be where you visit the Emily-May Foundation.

Finding and solving all EMP Experiment locations unlocks the Life Story Spider-Man 2 Suit as well as the Foundational trophy. You also get 700 XP, 3x Rare Tech Parts, and 140x Tech Parts for each experiment.

So, whether you’re opting for 100% district completion or just want to follow up on the Emily May Foundation storyline, completing the EMF Experiment is compulsory. This guide will help you with that.

All EMF Experiment locations in Spider-Man 2

There are a total of nine EMF Experiments that you need to locate and complete in Spider-Man 2. The first eight are scattered across New York City. The last one will, however, unlock after you have completed the main story.


To start an EMF Experiment, you need to find and activate its terminal. These are usually placed on the rooftops of buildings.

Their locations will be marked on your map with a green icon. You can also locate them yourself using your scanner provided that you are near them.

Central Park: Energy (Harlem)

The first energy experiment terminal can be found on the rooftop of one of the small buildings facing Central Park in Harlem.  

Activate the terminal and begin the energy experiment. This is exclusive to Peter Parker. Take a bike from the bike stand placed at the entrance of the park to start the experiment.

This EMF experiment requires you to cycle through the 10 checkpoints on the running track. However, after the 5th checkpoint, your bike’s tire will burst.

A timer will be displayed on your HUD making Peter use the boost by pressing L1 to complete the experiment. Once all checkpoints are cleared, the first Energy EMF experiment will be marked complete.

Central Park: Bee Drones (Upper West Side)

The Bee drone experiment can be found between the Upper West Side and Central Park Road, right across the park’s entrance there will be a terminal placed on the building’s rooftop.

Use your map to set a waypoint toward the EMF experiment location or use your scanner to see a green beam emitting from the building to locate the terminal and begin the activity.

The basic concept of the bee drone experiment is that you’ll be piloting a bee drone and destroying the purple holograms of wasps and rats who tend to kill the bees just as you did in the Healing the World main mission.

Following that you’ll then be tasked to pilot the bee drone through the yellow holographic markers to complete the Bee drone Experiment in Spider-Man 2.

Little Tokyo: Plant Science (Chinatown)

The Plant Science Experiment can be found on a small rooftop with loads of plants and greenery right beside Little Tokyo in Chinatown. It is fairly easy to locate and quite fun to complete.

This experiment requires you to find three suitable plant samples to create a better plant that can be used at F.E.A.S.T. After interacting with the terminal, scan the environment and find 3 different sample plants.

The first sample plant can be found on the west of the rooftop where the terminal is present, the second will be on the East side and the last will be on the south-facing wall.

Once you’ve collected all three of the samples, head back to the terminal to create a new specimen. A molecular puzzle will show up, try to fill the structure with the required resources.

The image below gives you the final puzzle solution to Chinatown’s Plant Science Experiment in Spider-Mant 2.

Here's the puzzle solution to the Chinatown Plant Science EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2.

Once the new plant is created, turn right towards the water well to activate the water supply to the plant by pressing L1 and R1. However, when you do so, the pipes will start to leak from a few different areas which you’ll need to patch up using your web shooters.

All of the leaks will be marked except for the one in the main garden area which will be hidden behind a crate of plants. Press L1 and R1 to move the crate and seal the pipe. In doing so you’ve completed the Plant science experiment for the Emily May Foundation in Spider-Man 2.

Brooklyn Heights: Energy (Downtown Brooklyn)

The last EMF energy experiment is located on a rather small rooftop in the Downtown Brooklyn District right in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. After interacting with the terminal you’ll be given 5 wind turbines that you’ll be deploying after reaching a certain height.

Use your height monitor on the left side of your HUD to check your height. Once the monitor turns green, press square to deploy the turbine. You’ll be tasked to deploy 5 turbines

A tip to increase your height would be to use the web wings booster located all around the map to increase your momentum.

After deploying all 5, one of them will malfunction and return to a lower level. Use your quest marker to track it down and press L! and R! to yank it back into the air completing all of the EMF energy experiments.

Queens Apiary: Bee Drones (Little Odessa)

The second EMF Bee experiment location will be on the corner right side of Little Odessa. Interact with the terminal placed on the rooftop jumbled between wooden crates to begin the activity

After interacting with the terminal you’ll be tasked to calibrate the bee drone to take out 20 targets by firing a laser at them by pressing L1.

Once you’ve taken out the 20 targets, a pigeon will appear trying to mess up your experiment. Press Triangle and switch to sonic beam. Shoot at the pigeon to make it fly away and keep following the pigeon until you reach its habitat.

The pigeon will go back to its cage where you’ll be required to use your sonic beam once again to remove the wooden plank and close the cage marking an end to the Bee drone experiment for the EMF.

Prospect Park: Bee Drones (Downtown Brooklyn)

The last bee Experiment is located on a building rooftop close to the entrance of Prospect Park in Downtown Queens. Use your map to set a waypoint or scan to find the terminal that activates the EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2.

The experiment will play out the same as it did in Central Park. However while flying the bee drone through the yellow holograms, you’ll be interrupted by a few criminals stealing the drone.

A new task will appear on your HUD to go to the last active location of the bee drone and scan the nearby garages to locate it. There will be three areas where you’ll have to scan for the drone

If you’re at the correct building, you’ll be able to connect to the antenna of the building and activate the bee drone. When you finally connect with the bee drone, press triangle to activate the sonic beam and shoot at the bee cage in the garage.

All of the criminals will swamp out of the garage and as Peter’s Spider-Man go ahead and deal with them to complete the last Bee Experiment for the EMF.

Portside: Plant Science (Hell’s Kitchen)

The first Plant Science Experiment can be found in the Northwest corner of Hell’s Kitchen right next to a small rooftop facing the port. This experiment involves collecting a sample of polluted water and separating the intoxicants.

Take out your scanner and analyze the muddy water flowing right beside the terminal. A molecular puzzle will pop up in which you’re supposed to separate the red molecules without breaking the chain. If you’re finding it difficult simply Skip the Puzzle by heading into your main menu.

Once you’ve cleared the puzzle make your way to the docks and scan for the correct fish, you’ll be taking a sample from. Press L1 when a fish comes on your radar to take a sample from it.

This may take a few tries before you get the correct fish but once that’s done make your way back to the terminal to solve the molecular puzzle and complete the Plant science experiment in Spider-Man 2.

The image below is the final puzzle solution to the Hell’s Kitchen Plant Science experiment in Spider-Man 2.

Here's the puzzle solution to the Portside Plant Science EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2.

Two Bridges: Plant Science (Financial District)

The last Plant experiment for the EMF can be found on a small rooftop of the Financial District. Use your map or scanner to find the terminal and interact with it.  

This experiment involves fixing a fuse at one of the greenhouse stations planted by the EMF. However, when you reach the greenhouse, you’ll find that the fuse has been stolen.

You’ll be required to trace the fuse by following the small gas markers pointing to an unknown location with enemies.

Defeat the enemies and bring back the fuse to the terminal. When you go to interact with the terminal, a few goons will ambush you.

Defeat them and interact with the terminal again to complete the molecular puzzle. We’ve listed an image below to help you complete the EMF plant science experiment in Spider-Man 2

Here's the puzzle solution to the Two Bridges Plant Science EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2.

Emily-May Foundation (Astoria)

After completing all of the EMF Experiments and finishing the main story of Spider-Man 2, you’ll receive a call from MJ regarding a parcel sent from Norman Osborn at your house.

This is Peter's garage.

Head back to your house in Astoria where the package will be waiting for you. Interact with the package and solve the last molecular puzzle to receive a heartfelt goodbye from Harry and unlock the Life Story Suit.

Solve the last EMF Experiment to unlock a new Spider-Man 2 suit.

Many players have reported that there is a glitch that doesn’t unlock the Life Story suit after completing the last EMF experiment in Spider-Man 2. There are a few fixes for that with the first one being collecting the Science trophy from the roof of the Trinity Church Tower. If that doesn’t work for you try restarting your game and the suit will be in your inventory.

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