Spider-Man 2 Cultural Museum Locations Guide

A Spider-Man of culture.

Cultural Museum is a series of side missions in Spider-Man 2 that explores Miles’ personal life and his relationship with his mom. Hence, the only way you can unlock and complete these cultural missions is when you have switched to Miles.

Once you complete Funky, the 14th main quest in the game, you will unlock Cultural Museum as a side story in the Harlem District.

You will come to know that someone has stolen some art pieces from the Cultural Museum. You need to help your (Miles’) mom track down the thief and put him away.

Cultural Museum locations and walkthroughs in Spider-Man 2

The Cultural Museum mission comprises two side quests: Bebop and Hard Bop which can be played as Miles in Spider-Man 2.

To complete the whole quest, you’ll have to start with Bebop and then play the last part of the quest Hard Bop. Both of them can be completed fairly quickly.


To find the first Cultural Museum location make your way to the Harlem district and look for a yellow saxophone marker on your Spider-Man 2 map.


Head to the marker and look for a door placed on the roof that is interactable. A cut scene will pop up and you’ll be spawned in front of a crime scene.

Afterwards, take out your scanner and point it at the oil puddle near the main gate where a Corruption puzzle will pop up.

You need to eliminate all the red atoms while keeping the green ones in their molecular structure. If you wish to skip it, head into your pause menu and select the option” Skip”

The red corrupted atoms need to go to solve this Cultural Museum puzzle in Spider-Man 2.

Follow the green smokey trail to the criminal who did the crime. Beat him up and make your way to the festival happening at the park.

You’ll be tasked to find a man holding a saxophone who will provide you with a lead. Eventually, your quest marker will guide you to speak with a woman who’ll let you know about the abduction of Eugene. Take out your scanner and scan the area to find clues where Eugene could’ve been taken.

The scanner will point at the alleyway with a few goons attacking Eugene, defeat the goons, and complete the Spider-man 2 Bebop mission.

Hard Bop

After completing the Bebop side mission, open your map to find the second Cultural Museum location in Spider-man 2.

A yellow saxophone will again be marked but on the far-left side of the Harlem District. Head to the marker and interact with the door.

When you enter through the door, you’ll spawn in front of a few goons. Defeat them to start a car chase scene where you’ll have to chase after the museum’s owner.

Pursue and stop the car, and get the owner arrested. Following that will be a cut scene that brings you to the art gallery. You’re free to explore the art gallery and find some cheeky little Easter eggs and references to Marvel Comics along the way.

When you are done, speak with Mile’s mom in the auditorium to complete the Hard Bop quest ultimately ending the Cultural Museum Mission.

Spider-Man 2 Cultural Museum rewards

Similar to most of the other side stories, you can expect to bag a lot of XP, Tech Parts, and Hero Tokens. These are going to come in handy when you decide to upgrade your suit and gadgets. They can also be used to unlock new Spider-Man 2 suits.

Completing the Cultural Museum missions helps you get 100% district completion and unlocks the My Community and the Superior trophies.

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