Spec Ops The Line Errors and Fixes Guide

Spec Ops: The Line has been released on PC and while it is all very fun to play single-player and multi-player, you might be disappointed by few of the recurring errors and bugs in the game. This Spec Ops The Line Errors and Fixes guide focuses on such issues.

Spec Ops The Line Errors and Fixes

In that situation, worry not my friend, we have you covered in this troubleshooting guide. Follow the workarounds listed below and fix these issues.

1# Update Your Drivers/Fix Crashes and Random Errors
Before running the game and reporting any sort of errors, make sure that you have updated all of your drivers. First update your sound card drivers and after that, update your video card drivers. For Nvidia users, 301.42 are stable but for many users the 304.48 beta are working perfectly.

2# No Sound During Cutscenes
Update Your Graphic Drivers and Audio Drivers both. (Nvidia 301.42 if these are not working, then try the 304 beta drivers) RESTART!

Download binkw32.dll and replace it in the Win32 folder (Can be found in binaries).

Try disabling HDMI output as well by going into Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager. Go under Audo, Video and Game Controller.

If you’re on AMD then go into AMD High Definition Audio Device, open the properties, open the driver tab and deactivate the device.

If all else fails, then try setting stereo sound. Open up the Windows Audio Panel by right clicking the small speaker in the bottom right tray, click on configure your playback device and set 2 channels.

3# Spec Ops: The Line Lags and Stuttering Fix (NVIDIA)
There is a special profile for the game on the 304.48 Beta drivers. Install that and let that profile control the game. Furthermore, try the config procedure mentioned below!

The game was working fine for the first time but now it lags a lot! For some odd reason, every time you quit the game – The config file gets corrupted/changed.

Go to C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\My Games\SpecOps-TheLine\SRGame\Config\ and delete the file ‘SREngine.ini’. Alternatively, a faster procedure is to download this file and run it whenever you’re going to run the game!

The 304.48 beta drivers have been confirmed to be working fine with the SLI on.

5# Black Bars on Some Resolutions
The game does not support a few resolutions properly (16:10 etc.)

6# Textures Are Missing, Load Slow
Reinstall the game or verify the cache and make that sure you’ve the recommended drivers installed.

7# FOV Fix?
Spec Ops: The Line doesn’t have an option to change the FOV yet.

8# Stuttering and Crashing
If your game seems to be crashing a lot then try installing Nvidia Physx and resetting your configuration files found in Documents\My Games\, delete the folder named SpecOps-TheLine.

9# Blank Screen after Launching Game
Go into Steam and right click the game; head into properties, click Set Launch Options and type in –windowed.

Simply, launch the game now and tweak the game to the settings that are compatible with your monitor and you should be good to go. Make sure to remove the –windowed once you’re done

If you come across any other issue, let us know in the comments and we will try to help you out.

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