Southwest Airlines Passengers Get A New Nintendo 3DS XL Giveaway

A New Nintendo 3DS XL giveaway was started on a Southwest Airlines flight in cooperation with Nintendo of America, along with Super Mario Maker.

Nintendo has spread the holiday cheer to at least one plane full of people recently, holding a New Nintendo 3DS XL giveaway to all of the passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight, along with a digital copy of Super Mario Maker for the same system.

The news was posted by Southwest Airlines on their Twitter page.

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Southwest Airlines is an American airliner that services the United States and various Caribbean and Central American countries to America’s south, including three different destinations in Cuba ever since the embargo between Cuba and the United States was ended and diplomatic relations began to be restored.

Nintendo likely wants to promote its brand more ahead of the release of the Nintendo Switch, which is going to be coming out sometime early next year.

With that in mind, giving hundreds of people a New Nintendo 3DS XL, along with a digital 3DS copy of Super Mario Maker, will likely help to get more people playing Nintendo games (which may then transition into buying a Nintendo Switch at some point in the future, after its release.)

The New Nintendo 3DS XL giveaway was also a good thing because it can help people while away the long hours of quiet and boredom that an airplane flight normally has if you haven’t brought anything else to do, or aren’t really in the mood to take a several hours-long nap.

The fact that the system came with Super Mario Maker also gives players a chance to test their creative skills and their platforming, allowing them to make their own Mario levels and then test them out before sharing them online.

Hopefully, all of the handhelds used in the New Nintendo 3DS XL giveaway will go to good homes, and that Nintendo has made a bunch of new fans of its games with this stunt.

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