South Park: The Fractured but Whole Recipes Guide

South Park: The Fractured but Whole Recipes Locations Guide to help you locate all the recipes in the game including Costumes, Artifacts, and more.

In this South Park: The Fractured but Whole Recipes Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all the crafting recipes in the game. Become a crafting master with the help of our guide.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole Recipes

Crafting plays a vital role in your adventure and you will be collecting and crafting a lot of items as you go around here and there. There is an app in your phone by which you can craft easily any items that you have collected the recipe for.

As you craft more items, your crafting rank goes up and you can craft items that are more advanced. So, make sure you keep collecting recipes for items and you craft as many items as you can to craft items. You can find the recipes on different locations, which we have listed below.

Costumes Recipes Locations

Starchild Headwear and Starchild Suit
This recipe is located inside Kenny’s House in one of the rooms in a set of drawers.

Netdeck Suit, Netdeck Gloves, Netdeck Gloves, Netdeck Helmet
Can be purchased from Photo Dojo shop.

Boombox Gloves, Boombox Suit and Boombox Headwear
You can purchase this set from D-Mobile.

Arachnix Headwear and Arachnix Suit
Obtained from Super Craig’s garage. Use firecrackers on the gas canister and then throw a fart at it.

Witch Circlet and Witch Suit
Purchase from Bebe’s Fashion Shop in Bebe’s House.

Scarlette Suit, Scarlette Headband and Scarlette Wristbands
Purchase the recipe from City Wok.

Tank Helmet, Tank Gloves and Tank Suit
Can be purchased from Jimbo’s Gun Shop.

Spiked Gloves, Spiked Headwear and Spiked Suit
For this recipe, get to the roof of Freeman’s Tacos using Fartkour.

Dirty Candy Gloves and Dirty Candy Suit
This set can be purchased from Raisins.

Tupperware Mk1 Helmet and Tupperware Mk1 Suit
You can retrieve Tupperware Mk1 set from Tokens locker at the school. The combination to the locker is located in a set of drawers next to Tokens bed in Tokens House.


Macaroni Picture – Summons Moses
Obtained after you beat the priests in the church.

Quesadilla Especial Recipe
Can be purchased from Freeman’s Taco shop on Day-two.

You can find it inside the kitchen drawers in Stan’s House.

Revive Serum
Located inside Craig’s house in the kitchen.

Cheesy Shrimparito Recipe
Get it during the story mission when you have to infiltrate MFC.

Maximum Antidote Recipe
Found inside the storage room of Tweek Bros Coffee. You need to enter the movie theater and use Fartkour to get up to the roof.

Maximum Revive Serum and Taco Supreme
Can be purchased from Freeman’s Taco shop on Day-4.

Enriched Antidote Recipe
Obtained as a reward for defeating Toweliee in MFC

Artifacts Recipes

Abyssal Timepiece
Found in the U-Stor-It facility in the shed underneath the two ladders after the Fartkour part during the second nighttime mission.

Scarab of R’Lyeah
Defeat the Raisin girls when you are ambushed in the alley during Day-2 story mission to get this recipe.

Hidden Blade and Crystal Capacitor
Obtained as an Ubisoft Club reward.

Necro Clamps
Get it inside Kenny’s Garage. Key to the garage is on the wall in Kenny’s House, in their parents’ bedroom.

Optic Penetrator
Found in a bag behind some Sixth Graders to the left of Skeeter’s Wine Bar.

Kinetic Sigil and Virtuous Clockwork
Learned from Morgan Freeman in Freeman’s Tacos.

Girding Chains
Found inside Town Square. Box to the far left behind a tree.

Divine Amplifier
Located to the left of the Police Station in the Police Bag behind the bush.

Cosmic Clasps
Search for the bag next to Jimbo’s Gun Store on the left side.

Prismatic Eye
Obtained from the Fartkour puzzle in the Sodosopa area.

Berserker Wheel
Found inside Jimmy’s Garage.

Egg of Everlasting Life
Obtained from a present box next to D-Mobile in the Christmas scene.

Nuclear Vessel Recipe
Located at the entrance through Kevin Stoley’s into his house. You will need the Haywire ability.

Tantalum Accelerator
Present inside the Police Station inside a bag outside the Holding Cells. You must have completed the police station assault story mission to access it.

Elder Maw Recipe, Idol of Vitality Recipe, Masteroid, Oracle of the Deviant, Skull of Sundering and Tomb of Cunning
Purchased from the Coon Store at the bottom of the stairs in Cartman’s basement.

Necrotic Idle Recipe
Purchase from Sloppy 2nds on the final day.

Spire of Domination
Rewarded for defeating Mitch Conner.

Orb of Sublime Insight
Found in Mephesto’s Genetics Lab in the bag just after you enter the gate.

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