Soulsborne Fans Might Have a Rough Time With Shadows Die Twice Difficulty

The Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice difficulty is apparently even higher than Dark Souls and Bloodborne, so players will be in for a rough time.

If you’re a fan of the Soulsborne games developed by From Software, then you might be in for a bit of a rude awakening with the Shadows Die Twice difficulty level. From Software has said that the game will be more difficult than Dark Souls or Bloodborne, both already quite difficult.

From Software has become quite notable due to the intense difficulty of most of its games, whether it’s the sword and shield medieval style of Dark Souls or the fast-paced dodge-based hyper-aggressive style of Bloodborne, and Sekiro might be leaning more towards the former than the latter, as you could probably see during its trailer at E3 2018. And it seems like the Shadows Die Twice difficulty will be no exception.

Considering that shields were never a thing in feudal Japan except in popular culture, players will have to think fast on their feet to block blows from opponents, when they can’t parry them with their own katana. You’ll also likely be making use of your artificial arm to help you out in combat, since it can do so many different things.

The last Souls-like game that took place in feudal Japan was Team Ninja’s Nioh, which is the second of the three different feudal Japan games that will be coming to consoles in the future. However, it was also difficult and didn’t allow you a shield, though it did allow you a large number of different weapons and tools to even the odds.

While we don’t know what the gameplay in Shadows Die Twice is like yet, it’s still a From Software game, which will always mean that the Shadows Die Twice difficulty will be enough to challenge any sort of gamer, even people who have played through both Bloodborne and the Souls games multiple times.

There’s no real release date for Shadows Die Twice except a broad window of 2019, so you might want to play through the Souls games again to brush up on your dodging skills.

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