Sorcery Story Trailer… Young Finn Fights The Nightmare Queen

He will learn and become the sorcerer and fight the nightmare queen.........

If you have been unsure about the upcoming move exclusive role-playing game Sorcery, this story trailer released by Sony, should remind you why you need to take a break from the hardcore RPGs and give it a chance.

You play this game as Finn, who is up against the evils of the nightmare queen. His fault? Well, he followed the advice of his cat and entered “Land of the Restless Dead.”

Finn is a young sorcerer who apparently is learning the art of magic, which makes this a welcoming RPG experience. You know; you will be grinding, learning, leveling and unlocking to become a powerful sorcerer and defeat the evil Witch.

Take a look:

Sorcery releases on May 22 in US, and May 23 in Europe.

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