Sony’s Advertisement Strategy Is Possibly A Violation Of User’s Bandwidth

A recent change in Sony's Advertisement strategy has many PS4 users Irritated. If you Featured content set to "On" then your Bandwidth may be in danger.

Well, apparently if you have your Featured content set to “On” on PlayStation 4 then your system may download a whole game that it wants to advertise. Yes download, you read it right. This new Sony’s Advertisement strategy will download full games to your system without permission and prompt you to buy them in order to play them.

Functions similar to Featured content have been available on PS4 and other systems as well for quite some time but if you have the featured content settings “ON” then your bandwidth may get violated. Not only is this annoying but for those who have data caps this new download first and purchase later strategy could waste dozens of gigabytes on a literal advertisement.

In the past, it would just download the title or the icon of the game on the user’s dashboard and from there the user can download the full game but with this Featured content set to “ON” the whole game of GBs first get downloaded on your system and then you can either purchase it or not.

So if you want to disable the feature then you can go to the (Settings) & [System] & [Automatic Downloads] and set to “OFF”.

As of now, there have been multiple Tweets by PS4 users who apparently had the Featured content enabled that are highlighting the same issue. Daniel Bloodworth‏ is one of those users who had the setting enabled and just a few hours back the game Shadow of Colossus started downloading on his system.

There could be a few possibilities that either this new Sony’s Advertisement, to download first and buy later be something they want to give a try and see the reaction. For many, this also does seem attractive in a way, the fact that the game is already there and is few clicks away.

Then again it does violate user’s bandwidth. let us hope that they have something to say for this weird change.

Very recently a survey was conducted by Sony regarding the PSN ID. That is if the users want to change the PSN ID they could as it was not possible before but until the survey results come up positive and the company allows this change only then this may be possible but it is good to know that they are considering it.

And if you have not heard, very recently Sony’s PS4 sales have crossed 76 million units across the globe. Considering these aspects the company seems to be doing good and it’s no wonder that they are trying to make changes.

Are you encountering the issue with Sony’s Advertisement Strategy? Let us know in the comments below.