Sony Wants AI To Recommend Weapons For New Players

Sony wants to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make weapon or item recommendations easier for newcomers on PlayStation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make weapon or item recommendations easier for newcomers on PlayStation 5.

According to a new patent filing, Sony understands that players can often find it confusing to choose weapons or other usable items if they are on their first playthrough. Their inexperience can hence lead to bad decisions which they might come to regret while progressing—sometimes even forcing them to start all over again when they realize that choosing a different weapon for example would have been more beneficial in a particular situation.

Sony wants to address the problem by incorporating an AI-powered system which will be making “optimum choices” for players. Such a system will utilize a machine learning algorithm to monitor players, their weapon choices and effectiveness. By analyzing the said data, the AI will be able to determine the right weapons for new players to wield in every situation.

When starting a game for the first time, a player may either ask for assistance or they will be identified as new; following which the AI will automatically make recommendations and hence, make it easier for players to decide and relinquishing the need for spending any time browsing through online guides.

Interestingly, the patent points out that Sony will be even considering other gameplay factors such as which hand should wield which weapon for the most damage or advantages.

An inexperienced player is assisted in playing a simulation by identifying in previously-played simulations successful players in terms of simulation play.

The weapons selected by those players are identified and a recommendation of the weapon presented to the inexperienced player.

Recommendations are not new to games, but it is true that players often take a lot time deciding between weapons and armor and other items in deep role-playing games for the best playthrough possible. The patent just finds Sony trying to welcome new players on PlayStation 5.

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