Sony Spends More than Toyota, Nissan on Advertisements in Japan

Sony spends the most on advertisements in Japan, more than Toyota and Nissan; while Nintendo spends 10 percent on their revenue.

A new study has surfaced online thanks to Tokyo Keizai Online that reveals the overall expenditures of companies on advertisements in Japan. You will be surprised to see that dear old Sony tops the list!

You might think we are only talking about videogame industry, but that is not true. The ranking shared by the Japanese website includes all the companies operating in Japan.

So naturally, the figures we are talking about are not specific to gaming alone.

That being said, it has been revealed that Sony spends more than companies like Toyota and Nissan on advertising about their products which includes PlayStation too.

Ranking number one, they have spent 444.4 billion yen in the last fiscal year followed by Toyota at 435.1 billion yen and Nissan at 336.7 billion yen.

Since Sony is not only a videogame company, we went looking for one and found Nintendo ranked at number 20 with 54.8 billion yen. They are the only gaming specific company in the top 50. However, Nintendo spends about 10 percent of their revenue on advertisements which is almost the double of Sony’s 5-4 percent.

Just to put things in the context, the study reveals that average spending of companies on advertisements is 3.5 percent.

This can be interpreted as either extensive reliance on ads by both the companies or just that Nintendo does it while Sony being a global brand has to spend that much seeing how they have a vast variety of products.

Take your pick.

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