Sony Should Keep Backwards Compatibility in Mind for PS5

PS5 is Sony next gaming machine and we think Sony should consider adding proper backwards compatibility in the system.

Xbox One won the hearts of many by announcing backwards compatibility for Xbox One at E3. The news spread like wildfire and soon after we found ourselves discussing which Xbox 360 games should be made available on Xbox One.

Sony had its own version of backwards compatibility with PlayStation Now but that didn’t work too well for the company. PlayStation Now needed a decent internet connection and it wasn’t the right solution for backwards compatibility. The prices of these titles were over the board which made renting games with PS Now a less than popular option.

Sony spent a lot of money buying Gaikai and now it doesn’t have much use for it. Cloud Gaming isn’t catching up anytime soon.

Sony is working on PS2 emulation and we will get to play some classic games on PS4, however, what about classics on PS3? There are some great games there but we don’t want to use PS Now to access that content.

PlayStation 4 is in its third year in the market and will probably last another 3-4 years before we see PlayStation 5. By now Sony should already be working on it, trying to figure out what the next machine would be like.

Sony machines have always been decent in terms of hardware but gaming today isn’t all about hardware anymore. You need great features to get attention in the market.


For PlayStation 5, we think Sony should definitely consider proper backwards compatibility for PS4 and PS3 games. Running PS4 games on PS5 shouldn’t be an issue as the next console will most probably follow the same PC-like architecture. Meanwhile, PS3 games may become an issue due to its cell architecture.

However, there is plenty of time for Sony to find a solution for proper backwards compatibility in PlayStation 5. In the beginning, Sony should introduce PS2 and PS3 BC on PS5 and later down the line for PS4 games should be added as well.

Do you think Sony should consider Backwards compatibility for PS5?

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