God Of War Sales Reach Five Million in Little Over a Month

The God Of War Sales have recently crossed over five million copies and based on Sony's word this five million achievement is making the game.

Without any doubt, God Of War is one of the best games out there and it has been setting various records in terms of sales, like topping for the fifth consecutive week on the UK charts. So for those who seem to think that this success will end here, we are happy to inform you that it doesn’t. The God Of War sales have recently crossed over five million copies and based on Sony’s word this five million achievement is making the game, the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive.

This news comes from Sony’s Investors Relations Day report, and the company is more than happy in fact very proud to tell their stockholders that what their stock is relying on, is probably the best thing out there.

The PlayStation chief John Jodera, whom you may remember for recently commenting on the portable gaming at Sony, that there is a high possibility of a PlayStation Handheld console coming in near future, released these figures of God Of War sales.

God Of War Sales reaching five million copies in a month is really a fast number which all the developers and publishers would love to hear, unfortunately not all reach this number. Fortunately, though, this game has and, even in absolute terms, this puts the game in the top twenty selling PlayStation 4 titles. Provided if God Of War suddenly stops selling today it would still be a massive success.

With all that said, seems like the dust is setting and the sky is clearing up, and the next big question is that whether there will be a God Of War Game Plus coming in the future or not? To which the director of the game Cory Barlog has stated that he wants a God of War new game Plus mode to be implemented in the base game.

Since this is what he wants, so we certainly can’t get our hopes up over this, at least not for now.