Sony Reveal PlayStation VR Controller Combination Possibilities

In a recent talk, Sony have revealed the different combinations that are available for controllers that will be tracked by the PlayStation VR system.

One of the big questions about Virtual Reality is how the user will react with the environment around them. The controllers used have to be controllable in a way as to not break the immersion of the experience.

In a recent talk by SCE Technical Account Manager Vernon Harmon, Embrace Virtual Reality with PlayStation VR it was revealed that up to four devices could be used with the headset. In a screenshot sourced from VRFocus you can see the different combinations that are available. The devices shown are the DualShock 4 controllers and the PlayStation Move controller.

 “As you can see from this sampling there are a lot of different combinations of tracked controllers that can give you a number of different multiplayer configurations. And this isn’t even taking to account that you can have a second screen controlled experience on a mobile device that’s used as additional control inputs. And also this is only local control configurations; you could have networked situations that introduce more combinations with other VR headsets and controllers.”

Looking at the different combinations available one thing to note is that the headset itself is not one of the four controllers that are tracked. There are plenty of combinations though of the Move controller and DualShock 4 that do show that PlayStation VR is a versatile system. This should also be the case when other controllers are released for it too.

With more details being revealed for the PlayStation VR it does appear that Sony’s Virtual Reality does have plenty of potential in the future. Whether or not the consumers will agree though is another matter when they have to find the money to pay for it.

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