Sony is “Pleasantly Surprised” By PS4 Pro Pre Order Numbers from UK

Sony is very happy with PS4 Pro pre order numbers from the UK. According to Jim Ryan, the company isn’t ready to share pre order numbers right now but they are “pleasantly surprised.”

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I’ve been told, just before we had this conversation, that pre-orders in the UK are looking pretty good. I can’t give you the numbers yet, but I’m pleasantly surprised. We will have a significant amount of stock at launch and then through Christmas. I can’t tell you whether that’s enough, but I remember we had a similar conversation about PlayStation VR, and I couldn’t answer that one either.

Jim Ryan also explained their stretagy with PS4 Pro. They are primarily targeting 4K Tv owners. Ryan stated there will be 50 million 4K Tv owners in 2016 and that is where their market lies.

Of course, they know that not every 4K Tv owner would be interested in PS4 Pro.

Yes and no. There will be those early adopters who simply want the latest and best from PlayStation, and it’s an opportunity to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. But equally, there are 50m people who’ll be acquiring 4K televisions in 2016. A significant amount of the PS4 Pro user-base will come from those people, and they may or may not be existing PS4 owners.

PS4 Pro per order numbers from US and other countries would be interesting to see. Especially, after the recent rise of Xbox One S and the anticipation for Project Scorpio with native 4K.

For now, PS4 is still the leading console gaming platform and PS4 Pro is expected to put millions for more PS4 units in 0our homes.


Source: MCV

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