Sony May Refund Hacked PSN Account, Change of Policies In Order

Not too long ago, a reddit user named Kadjar had his PSN account hacked and the person who did, bought $600 worth of gaming content from his credit card. Later on, he contacted Sony to explain his problem but the company refused to refund his money.

That was due to Sony’s refund policy, apparently Sony doesn’t refund above $150. So in this case, their policy was a hurdle. Many questions were raised regarding Sony’s policy-before-player tactic and the company faced a lot of criticism.

Thankfully, Sony finally came to their senses and decided to deal with the problem. According Kadjar’s post on reddit, he was contacted by Sony’s Escalation Analyst who informed him that his credentials were indeed compromised.

Moreover, Sony traced the IP back to Europe but didn’t specify the location.

“The IP was traced to somewhere in Europe (he didn’t specify). He let me know that Sony would make sure that my account was taken care of.”

But what about his $600? Kadjar said that Sony HQ is aware of his situation and are looking into some changes to their refund policy. This indicates that Sony could soon refund his money in full.

Sony’s network has been hacked before and quite possibly be hacked again if Sony keeps neglecting their network security. Now that PSN charges for online multiplayer on PS4, they are definitely making more money. It would be appreciated if some of it will be used to improve their network security.

Until that happens, I would advise users to never give their credit card information on PSN. Buy a store card to add funds to your wallet whenever you wish to purchase something online.

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