Sony May Have Another Event Prepared For The End Of September 2019

After they confirmed The Last of Us: Part II event, the conversations went to ResetEra after Daniel Ahmad said that was not the only Sony event that week.

Although PlayStation has remained a low profile in recent months, the hype got big when an event was announced that will take place on September 24 and could have important information related to The Last of Us: Part II.

However, there are still many doubts about what will happen because the Outbreak Day of the franchise is celebrated on September 26 and speculation has increased after a renowned analyst hinted at something about it.

After they confirmed The Last of Us: Part II event, the conversations went to ResetEra after Daniel Ahmad, the recognized Niko Partners analyst, made the following statement.

That was not the only Sony event that week.

Obviously, these words set the forum on fire with speculation about what this means, because Ahmad did not comment again and now it is thought that the last week of September will see the resurgence of PlayStation in the foregrounds with what is revealed around The Last of Us: Part II and the supposed second event that Sony would have planned for those days.

So far, there is no more information about it and if they take this statement into account, it is because the person who made it is a reliable and recognized source in the video game industry. There are also those who think that a new episode of State of Play will take place that week and there will be important information revealed about the brand and its plans for the months to come.

It is a fact that Sony is currently working on PlayStation 5, but for now the company has not confirmed when the official presentation event of its new console will be. Information has emerged a while ago in this regard, as alleged leaks gave a date for the disclosure of the system.

The information comes from a filtered marketing email that was shared on various media and platforms, including NeoGAF and 4Chan. According to the information, the alleged email refers to the PlayStation Meeting 2020 event, which would be held early next year.

The sources show that in this meeting Sony would present its new console, in the company of important developers, such as Activision, Electronic Arts, among other studies that would show next-generation titles.

The PlayStation Meeting 2020 would take place on February 12, 2020. I should mention it that Sony has not officially confirmed this event. In addition, the sources of information are not entirely reliable, so you should take this as a simple rumor.

Despite the above, users of these forums believe that it is not a crazy date, especially since Project Scarlett will debut at the end of next year, so Sony could well start the PlayStation 5 campaign from the beginning of the year.

It also pointed out that there will be a new State of Play before the end of 2019. The information shows that the event is scheduled for November 1 and that it would focus mainly on 3 games: Death Stranding, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and The Last of Us: Part 2. But now with recent rumors, as mentioned above, State of Play could happen at the end of this month.

We will just have to wait and see what happens!

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