PSN Has 80 Million MAU While PS4 Users Clocked More Than 800M Hours Per Week, Sony IR Meeting Reveals

In recent Sony IR Meeting, a lot of details were revealed and the future plans of the company to have been revealed. Check out this for more.

Today, Sony IR Meeting was held as well as its Corporate Strategy meeting in Tokyo, Japan and the executives of the company had a chance to share quite a few interesting details as well as some past years achievements. Some of the achievements include PSN user numbers and overall clocking time of PS4 users.

Starting off, we had the President and the CEO Kenichiro Yoshida talking about Sony’s mid-term corporate strategy for the next three years. When the details for PSN and PS4 were revealed they really caught everyone’s attention because as of March 31st, 79 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold, while PlayStation Network has surpassed 80 Million monthly active users and PS4 gameplay has clocked more than 800 Million hours of gameplay per week.

Based on the Sony IR reveals, encouraging people to use PlayStation VR, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, and PlayStation Music has been a very effective strategy to increase the clocking time.

To be honest these numbers are not much of a shock to the audience as most already expected such results but one thing is sure that the trend of growth, Sony has is pretty decent. If they remain on the same path which they plan to according to the CEO Kenichiro Yoshida; Sony is aiming to grow its subscriber base of PlayStation Plus. Looking at the figures it certainly does not seem a difficult job.

Adding more to the figures, you would be happy to know that, Sony has sold over 246 million games in the fiscal year 2017. Also, we recently learned that the PlayStation Plus services passed 34.2 million paying subscribers.

When talking about the aims of the company, Sony said that it aims to strengthen its IP portfolio by creating new IP and utilizing existing ones for the first-party games.

Lastly, what seems to have caught a lot of attention is that, according to the Kenichiro Yoshida PS4 has entered the final stage of its life cycle, which seems to imply that perhaps PS5 is not too far off. Let’s hope that is the case.

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