Sony Pledges To “Invest Aggressively” In PlayStation Studios

PlayStation Studios will continue to expand in both numbers and development capabilities from hereon, says Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PlayStation Studios, the first-party division of publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, will continue to expand in both numbers and development capabilities from hereon.

During an earnings call for the second quarter of the 2021 financial year, chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki pointed out (via Twinfinite) that PlayStation Studios has added four new studios since the start of the fiscal year to increase its number of developers by nearly 20 percent.

He also stated that Sony will “continue to invest aggressively in its development capability going forward” which possibly suggests further acquisitions for PlayStation Studios to support PlayStation consoles as well as PC.

Sony has so far made four acquisitions during the 2021 calendar year: the Demon’s Souls remake developer Bluepoint Games, the Playroom and other virtual reality games developer Firesprite, the Returnal developer Housemarque, and known PC-porter and support developer Nixxes Software.

Sony has more than two dozen first-party games in development right now for PlayStation 5, nearly half of which are completely brand new intellectual properties. That is according to Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, who confirmed earlier in the year that the games account for “an incredible amount of variety originating from different regions” and cover “big, small, different genres.”

In addition to expanding the first-party PlayStation library in all shapes and sizes, Sony has also made a commitment to port its PlayStation exclusives to PC. Horizon Zero Dawn was the first to arrive, followed by Days Gone. God of War will be releasing on January 14, 2022; and then there is also the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection which has only been given an early 2022 release window at the time of writing. That alongside Sackboy: A Big Adventure which has been heavily rumored as of late.

There have been trending rumors lately that Sony has been finalizing another acquisition for PlayStation Studios. Care to take a wild guess which studio will be next?

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