Sony’s Patented Interface Looks To Increase Your Followers (And Earnings)

Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking to help streamers increase their number of followers through the magic of data collection and analysis.

According to a new patent published recently, Sony has designed something called the Influencer Interface which a streamer can access to confirm the level of their engagement in real time. The said interface keeps a track of the content being streamed and the reactions of the spectators and followers of the streamer.

Based on that collected data, the Influencer Interface will relay information to the streamer such as what kind of content their followers are likely to appreciate. The interface will in addition make recommendations to the streamer in real time so that they can switch to another content or channel to increase their engagement and as a result, increase their number of followers and earnings.

In an example quoted by Sony in the patent, a streamer may be broadcasting a Battlefield game. The patented Influencer Interface might recommend the streamer to switch to a fighting game channel based on data collected from their followers and spectators. The interface will also provide a prediction of how many new followers the streamer will likely obtain by making the switch and the change in their engagement levels, once again, all in real time.

Furthermore, as a continuation of the same patent, Sony has also designed a stream-customization method for streamers. Cameras placed in the room of the streamer can identify logos, symbols, or other objects in the background.

The Influencer Interface will then be able to create overly images to place on the content being streamed as a way of customizing their content for their followers. An attached example relays how the name of sponsors in the room of a streamer can be made into overlay images and slapped on in-game characters.

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