Sony Files Patent For “Cloud Gaming” Systems

Cloud gaming is the new buzz word in the gaming industry. Google Stadia, Sony, and Microsoft are pushing for streaming platforms. Whether the worldwide infrastructure and fans are ready for it, is another story, but that doesn’t stop the creators of PlayStation from filing yet another cloud gaming patent application.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has now filed a patent application for a “cloud gaming” system. The A1 utility patent application was filed on August 29 at the United States patent office.

The application is filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.

Systems and methods are provided for cloud gaming. One system includes a plurality of computing resources in one or more data centers. The plurality of computing resources is configured to execute instances of games for client devices that are remote from the one or more data centers. Each instance for an executable game is associated with a processor, a graphics processing unit (GPU), and memory.

Memory is used for storing video frames generated for the executable game. The video frames are compressed for video game streaming to one or more client devices.

The executable game is associated with video, audio and input channels for said one or more client devices to control interactivity of operation of the executable game during said video game streaming.

The cloud gaming system implements at least one channel driver to facilitate I/O processing for the one or more client devices when executed by the computing resources of the one or more data centers.

When it comes to Sony and Cloud Gaming it isn’t clear what the company plans. There were rumors and reports that Sony is going to revamp PlayStation Now and give it a bigger push alongside PS5. We can’t be sure if this patent is for a brand new cloud gaming system from Sony or for a new iteration of PS Now with changes and improvements.

One thing is for sure, Cloud Gaming is a big part of Sony’s next-generation PlayStation console.

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