Sony Claims Hellblade Will Release in 2017, Will It?

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently released a video to market its 2017 exclusives line-up. The games we saw included Uncharted DLC, Knack 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, indie games, and Hellblade.

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We also saw Detriot: Become Human and Dreams as part of Sony’s 2017 line-up but we just received confirmation that both games are not confirmed for this year. According to President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, both games may not make it to 2017, so why are they a part of the video? Well, Yoshida clarified that it was a mistake on their marketing team’s part.

Coming back to Hellblade, the game is being developed by Ninja Theory and its development has seen some rocky bumps. For a while, the studio was silent which raised concerns about the game’s development. It is great to see Hellblade a part of Sony’s 2017 line-up but is Hellblade ready to release?

We can’t help but wonder if Sony pushed Hello Games to release No Man’s Sky as it has been in development for a long time. We can’t say for sure but it is a possibility. Hellblade has been in development for a long time and was just recently delayed.

It is safe to say that Ninja Theory is trying to reach for the stars with minimum resources.

The idea behind Hellblade is to develop a low budget AAA title, something that is aiming to change the way AAA games are built. Such a project can take years to complete and even then it may not work. Bells of uncertainty are ringing as we haven’t seen much of what Hellblade actually is even after so much time.

It was scheduled to appear at E3 2015 but it was silently removed from the line-up. One has to ask, is the going to make it to 2017? I highly doubt it will and even if Sony announce a release date, it won’t be surprising to know that it is pushed to early 2018.

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