Sony Celebrate Playstation’s 20th Anniversary with an Unboxing of the Original Console

Sony celebrate the Playstation's 20th Anniversary with an unboxing of the console showing off decades old technology, highlighting how far we've come.

As you’ll no doubt be aware, Sony have been celebrating the 20th anniversary for the Playstation.  In a new video they take us through an unboxing of the original Playstation.

In the video the first thing they look at is the controller for the console. With the lack of dual analog sticks it looks different than the controllers we are used to. It also lacked force feedback, which is something we come to expect these days.

Then we see the Playstation itself, which compared to consoles we see these days looks very brick-like. In defence of the design though, we just have to look at some of the other consoles and remember how unstylish they look too.

Looking through the specs, the fact that the CD-Rom drive was dual speed does show the age of the console, and the fact it worked with only 2MB or RAM shows just how things have changed in the two decades since the Playstation’s release.

It is interesting looking back at the console and remembering what a revolutionary console it was at the time. When Nintendo and SEGA were dominating the market, Sony’s new console wasn’t expected to make much of an impact, yet it did. Then we had Microsoft’s attempt and while Xbox may not have been a success, Xbox 360 went on to rejuvenate the gaming world once again. That was quite a few years after the Playstation was released though, with Sony competing against Microsoft with the Playstation 3.

Looking at the Playstation 4 and Xbox One and where consoles have come in twenty years, the original Playstation does look aged in this unboxing video, but we have to also remember just how important it was as a gaming console. That is why it will always be so fondly remembered


What are your thoughts on the new unboxing video? Does it bring back nostalgic memories of your own console? Let us know your thoughts below.

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