Sony Wants AI To Play Games For You

Sony Interactive Entertainment has apparently been busy in exploring new ways to assist players during their gameplay sessions.

According to a recently published patent, Sony has been able to use artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor real-life players as they play games with the sole purpose of creating (and controlling) an AI character in the same games.

That may seem counterproductive as why would players even want an assistant of sorts to play their games for them. Sony believes that such an AI-powered assistant would give players an option to have the said AI character enter games in their bestead to complete objectives.

These instances might be difficult for players to do for example, or perhaps players are adhering to busy schedules and just want to avoid an unnecessary grind. Either way, the patented system can allow an AI character to play specific parts of a game where the said AI character actually simulates the gameplay style of the human player.

By monitoring players before generating a gameplay profile based off their gameplay styles, Sony wants players to feel comfortable in allowing an AI to finish parts of a game in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The patented system interestingly also points out how the AI will continue to evolve on its own. In an example quoted within the filing, an AI character can possibly get stuck while completing a given task. Here, the AI can automatically search for help by going through online guides and hence, complete the task without any issues.

The method includes assigning a default gameplay profile to a user wherein the default gameplay profile includes a default gameplay style that simulates human gameplay, and wherein the default gameplay profile is configured to control gameplay for the user based on the default gameplay style.

Sony patented several systems last year which are all designed to serve as a game assistant on PlayStation 5. A Cortana-like chatbot for example, as well as an audio assistant to help players complete objectives.

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