Sony Reportedly Wants $25,000 And 30% Earnings To Feature Your PlayStation Indie Game

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been gunning to support the indie scene on PlayStation, or at least based on official statements. Unofficially though, numerous red tapes are hindering the promotion of indie games on the console.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Iain Garner, co-founder of indie publisher Neon Doctrine, shared his own personal experience of working with PlayStation which he noted resonated with other indie studios and colleagues.

Do note however that Garner never mentioned Sony or PlayStation by name, but several hints in his series of tweets makes it pretty obvious.

Garner stated that indie developers have to “jump through hoops, beg and plead for any level of promotion” on PlayStation consoles. Sony does not allow developers to manager their own games and instead pushes a lengthy process for them to get an “evaluation.” That evaluation, as cumbersome as it has been designed to be, does not however guarantee a promotion.

Garner continued that the chances of Sony approving a discount or sale for indie games are “very limited” because discounts are invite-only and even those are limited. There is however one way of guaranteeing an indie promotion: spend at least $25,000 and 30 percent of subsequent earnings.

Neon Doctrine publishes games on Steam as well but the publisher cannot sync a discount launch between Steam and PlayStation since that also requires indie studios to seek an approval from Sony. Garner pointed out that it was been years since Neon Doctrine was able to discount one of its games on PlayStation.

Sony has not issued a statement to the angry series of tweets which paint a rather bleak picture for the indie scene on PlayStation consoles. Shuhei Yoshida, current head of independent developer initiative for Sony, is one person who needs to respond.

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