How To Get Zipline Gun In Sons Of The Forest

The Zipline Gun in Sons of the Forest will shoots the spear-looking thing with a metal wire attached to it to cross cliffs.

The Sons of the Forest Zipline Gun helps you with traversal and traveling between cliffs in the game. If you are on top of a mountain, getting down can be pretty easy with the help of the rope gun. Finding the zipline rope gun can be tricky, but that is why we are here. Once you get the zipline gun in Sons of the Forest, you will be able to reach areas previously inaccessible with the help of this tool.

Sons of the Forest Zipline Gun location

Sons of the Forest Zipline gun location

Get to the location as shown on the map above. You will see this location in the western part of the map marked as a cave. As you are at the location, you will see a cave blocked by some wooden planks. Use an axe at these blockages to get through and enter the cave. 

How to get Zipline Gun

Before you enter, ensure you have some food, a flashlight, and batteries for the flashlight. These items are essential for finding the Zipline gun in Sons of the Forest. You must stroll deep into the forest to have the flashlight in the inventory. It is where you will approach a helicopter crash site. Investigate the corpses to get the flashlight and its batteries. For food, hunt animals in the forest using a spear.

Considering you have the flashlight in your inventory, equip it via inventory as you enter the cave to see the way more clearly.

Walk straight and turn to the far west, where your pathway will be divided. Squeeze through this narrow way, and you will see a couple of corpses on the ground and an ugly-looking monster blocking your route. 

Pick up a couple of time bombs from one of the dead bodies and throw them on the monster by equipping it from the inventory. As you throw the time bomb, run in the opposite direction to avoid being blasted. Walk through this new pathway and keep walking straight. 

Rope gun location

At some point, you’ll have to turn right, where you will see a couple of hanging bodies of workers and a drawing on the rock. It is an indication that you are moving in the right direction to find the rope gun in Sons of the Forest. Keep walking straight and cross more hanging dead bodies. 

Ignore these bodies and keep walking forward; at some point, you must crouch to get through. Keep walking in the north direction until you see a flashlight flashing at you. Turn in this direction and keep walking forward by crossing some hanging corpses. 

Now, you will face difficulty breathing, but don’t worry; nothing will happen to you. If you notice a red light blinking on the flashlight, go to the inventory, and put in the new batteries. This way flashlight won’t die, and you will continue looking for the zipline gun.

Take the route up the slope and turn to the west when you notice strange-looking black rocks. Keep going straight until the pathway divides into two. Then take the east route, where you will notice water. Don’t worry; you will not drown; keep walking in the water. 

Sons of the Forest Zipline Gun

As you are walking, you will see a flashlight flashing at you. It proves that you are moving in the right direction. Keep going straight, and you will see a dead body and a gun in the case with some ammo. This weapon is the zipline rope gun that you came all the way here to find in Sons of the Forest. Pick it up with the ammo and you can leave the area.

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