How To Craft Torch In Sons Of The Forest

When exploring caves in Sons of the Forest, Torches are going to light the way inside because most caves are nearly pitch black.

You are going to need a Torch to survive in Sons of the Forest. When exploring caves on the island, Torches are going to light the way inside because most caves are nearly pitch black. They also hide all kinds of enemies. If you cannot see ahead, you are likely going to walk into a trap.

Secondly, the Sons of the Forest Torch is how you are going to see at night. Though, it is highly advised that you stick to your Shelter after nightfall because of the increased levels of danger.

Torches are hence one of the most vital survival items you need to know how to craft in Sons of the Forest.

How to craft a Torch to illuminate dark caves

There are two components that you need to craft yourself a Torch. You need to combine 1x Stick and 1x Cloth in your inventory to make your own light source in the game.

Sticks are pretty common on the island. They are also used in several crafting recipes such as making a Campfire or building a Tent, so make sure to collect as many Sticks as possible.

Search in abandoned campsites or in areas that show traces of civilization for Sticks. The beach is also a good source of finding Sticks. You can also cut down trees or break down bark to obtain Sticks.

Some areas where you find Sticks will also contain Cloth. The best place to find Cloth, though, is the starting shoreline where there are several containers to loot.

Once you have obtained both items, open your inventory by pressing I. Select the Stick and Cloth and drop them in the center of the crafting mat. Use the gear icon in the top right to craft yourself a handy Sons of the Forest Torch.

Press L to light the torch and proceed with your exploration without thinking about the time of day.

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