How To Craft Repair Tool In Sons Of The Forest

You need tools to protect yourself, cook, or even build a shelter in Sons of the Forest. These tools are scattered in different regions of the game world, and many of them can also be crafted. The Sons of the Forest Repair tool will help you fix many things around your base after attacks from cannibals. Crafting the repair tool is a pretty easy and straightforward process.

How to craft a Repair tool in Sons of the Forest

Repair Tool is quite useful even more once you dive into the actions performed in the game. You’ll need them to repair the traps you set up for your enemies, the wild animals, or if you have things to repair at your base.

If sometimes breaks, you will need the Repair Tools to fix it, and it will look like it was never broken in the first place. You can find some tools while roaming around different game regions, but the Repair tool can be crafted if you gather some items in Sons of the Forest.

Required items

  • Stick x1
  • Rope x1
  • Rock x1

These items can be collected when you explore different areas in the game during your initial exploration of the island. Search the forests to gather the sticks and the rocks.

To find Rope, visit the camps all over the island. They can also be present where helicopters have crashed. Look inside the containers here. Searching the coastal area is best for finding some ropes in Sons of the Forest.


Crafting the Sons of the Forest repair tool works like any other craft. Press the “I” key to open the inventory, then using the right click, you can add each item on the map.

Notice that gear like symbol appears on the screen once you place all items on the Inventory Mat. After that, simply press the gear icon in Sons of the Forest, and you will get the tool ready for you to use. 

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