How To Make Planks In Sons Of The Forest 

Planks are an important building material in Sons of the Forest. You will need it to construct different things. Read on how to make them!

In Sons of the Forest, you will find many materials in the forest you are stranded on that you will need to survive. But no item is as pivotal to the gameplay as the plank.

Sons of the Forest Planks are important building materials that you will use in building defenses, making a permanent shelter, or bridging a gap.  

Planks, as important as they seem, are not found in the wild and are crafted using logs. You will be using logs to make firewood mainly but you can also use them to make planks.

How to make Planks

Planks, as discussed earlier, are made of logs. In Sons of the forest, there are many sizes of trees and bushes. You can only get logs if you cut down the medium or trees in the forest. Other than that you might get only sticks. 

After finding the right tree to cut, use the hatchet in your inventory. It is among the first tools you can get when you crash on the island. After the tree has fallen, keep the hatchet in your hand and try to keep the log on a plane surface to avoid it from rolling. You can also pick it up and move to where you want. 

Now look down at the log and look for a dotted line across the length of the plank. This line will indicate that if you cut the log you will get planks. Now using your action key hit the log with your axe and you will get two planks.

In certain cases, such as constructions that require planks in greater numbers, the game will convert logs into planks on its own. You wouldn’t need to make all those Sons of the Forest planks by hand. Just collect all the logs and bring them to the construction and the game will do the rest.

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