Sons Of The Forest Crafting Recipes Guide

Just like most of the other games, Sons of the Forest crafting recipes allow you to craft different items in the game...

Just like most of the other games, Sons of the Forest crafting recipes allow you to craft different items in the game. These items are crucial to your survival. Therefore, to survive in the gameplay and have the best experience, you must learn the art of crafting in Sons Of The Forest. This detailed guide will cover everything you need about crafting in the game and recipes to craft different items.

How to craft in Sons of the Forest

The game developers have slightly changed the Sons Of The Forest crafting system to improve working. Now the inventory screen seems to have expanded, and many tweaks have been added. This may seem strange to many beginners. However, there’s no need to worry; our guide will elaborate on how one can craft items in the gameplay. 

To have a basic understanding of crafting, right-click to add material on the Inventory Mat. Hover over the icon “Gear” to find out what you can craft from this item. You need to explore the game world and hunt for various items, and you can craft most materials using the same Inventory Mat.

Later, when you find a 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest, you can also use it to craft more advanced recipes. But you will require Printer ink for its functioning. Once your 3D printer is out of ink, players will have to fill it up again. Players can use the “E” key to operate the printer and the “R” key to choose their items.

Sons of the Forest crafting recipes

The essential items can be easily crafted using the Inventory Mat. The process is pretty simple just put the items you collected on the crafting mat. You only need to know about the recipe of a certain item to craft it, which will cover below.

To craft various recipes using 3D printers, you have to search for the Printer Resin. Each item that you wish to craft requires you to collect some resins, i.e.:

  • Arrows: 50 Resins (You’ll get four arrows)
  • Mask: 150 Resins
  • Grappling Hook: 100 Resins
  • Water Flask: 100 Resins
  • Tech Mesh: 250 Resins
  • Sled: 1000 Resins

Here is the list of every item you can craft in Sons Of The Forest and the ingredients required:

Weapons and Armors

One most crucial aspects of the Sons Of The Forest is survival. Therefore, the players must understand the items they need to craft the arsenal and armor in the gameplay.

  • Bow: 2 Stick, 1 Rope, and 1 Duct Tape
  • Spear: 2 Stick, 1 Knife, and 1 Duct Tape
  • Molotov: 1 Vodka Bottle and 1 Cloth
  • Bone Armor: 4 Bones, 1 Rope, and 1 Duct Tape
  • Hide Armor: 1 Cloth and 2 Hide
  • Leaf Armor: 1 Cloth and 2 Hide
  • Stone Arrow: 4 Small Stone, 2 Feather, and 2 Sticks
  • Chainsaw: 1 Battery and 1 Chainsaw
  • Time Bomb: 1 Watch, 1 Wire, 1 Duct Tape, 5 Coins, 1 Circuit Board, and1 c4 Brick
  • Crafted Club: 1 Skull, 1 Stick, and 1 Rope
  • Tech Armor: Can be found while exploring the game world
  • Creepy Armor: You can get it by killing some of the mutants


While in the wild, you will require a lot of items that could shelter you in Sons of the Forest. Or for your home as a piece of furniture. Here are a few items that fall in this category that you can craft:

  • Camp: Tarps and Sticks
  • Leanto: 53 Wood
  • Bench: 2 Wood
  • Table: 3 Wood
  • Stick Bed: 16 Sticks and 1 Duct Tape
  • Stick Chair: 14 Sticks
  • Bone Chair: 15 Bones and 1 Skull
  • Repair Tool: 1 Vodka Bottle and 1 Cloth
  • Wall Torch: Cloth and 1 Stick
  • Lookout Tower: 60 Wood and 1 Rope
  • Treehouse Shelter: 70 Wood and 1 Rope
  • Treehouse Shelter 2: 96 Wood
  • Tree Platform: 7 Wood and 1 Rope
  • Tree Platform II: 35 Wood and 1 Rope
  • Hunting Shelter: 5 Wood, 6 Sticks, and 7 Stones
  • Small Log Cabin: 75 Wood
  • Bone Chandelier: 19 Bones and 9 Skulls
  • Ceiling Skull Lamp: 1 Rope and 1 Skull

Utilities and different storage stuff

  • Torch: Cloth and 1 Stick
  • Shelf: 2 Wood
  • Rock Path: Stones
  • Wood Path: Sticks 
  • Bird House: 18 Sticks
  • Regular Fire: 2 Sticks
  • Stick Storage: 6 Sticks
  • Rock Storage: 7 Sticks
  • Log Storage: 8 Sticks
  • Repair Tool: 1 Stick, 1 Stone, and 1 Duct Tape
  • Wall Shelf: 2 Sticks and 1 Wood
  • Scarecrow: 14 Sticks + 4 Tape
  • Bone Storage: 7 Sticks
  • Drying Rack: 13 Sticks
  • Water Collector: 1 Turtle Shell and Sticks
  • Flashlight: 1 Battery + Flashlight
  • Mannequin: 20 Sticks + 5 Duct Tape

Traps and Gradening items

  • Fish Trap: 25 Sticks
  • Standing Planter: 18 Sticks
  • Bone Maker Trap: 2 Sticks, 3 Leaves, 3 Rocks, 1 Water Bottle, and 1 Rope
  • Fly Swatter Trap: 10 Sticks, 3 Rocks, and 1 Rope
  • Wall Planter: 16 Sticks
  • Small Animal Trap: 14 Sticks

How to unlock new crafting recipes

Unlocking new crafting recipes is a complex task. You can unlock new crafting recipes in the gameplay in two possible ways. The first way is to collect the material required to craft a specific item; doing so will automatically unlock the associated recipe. The second way is by using the map to locate every blueprint around it. It’s a hefty task but provides a remarkable game exploration experience. 

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