How To Craft A Club In Sons Of The Forest

The Club is an important melee weapons in Sons of the Forest used for close-range attacks on the enemies and damaging building...

The Club is one of the important melee weapons in Sons of the Forest used for close-range attacks. Players can utilize it to defend themselves and kill cannibals, mutants, and other creatures that pose a threat to them. You can even use the Sons of the Forest club to damage structures. All these make it a must for you to know how to craft this weapon.

Required material to craft Club

  • Skull x1
  • Stick x1
  • Rope x1


You can go outside the nearby cave just across the river for the skull. In addition, they are placed in other gameplay places in ample amounts, such as the rope gun cave, etc.

Sons of the Forest Skull location


The Sticks can be picked up commonly throughout the map. You can find them in uninhibited camps and areas exhibiting little signs of local inhabitants. Moreover, you can use your axe to gather some sticks by cutting down trees in Sons of the Forest.


Finding some is one of the easiest jobs in Sons of the Forest. Whenever you spawn in the game, you can easily get to the nearest camp or cave and find the rope pile. You can even get to some cannibal camp or crash site to find a rope.

How to make a Club in Sons of the Forest

Now that you have collected all three resources for crafting the Club in Sons of the Forest, the process is pretty simple. Just follow the steps below, and you will be able to craft the Club quickly.

  • Press the “I” button on the keyboard. It will open up the inventory.
  • Select a Skull inside the inventory; it will show the Craft setting icon.
  • Now select a Stick. You will see several crafting options, including Crafted Club.
  • Lastly, select the Rope from the inventory.

Doing this will automatically combine all three items, and you will get a stick with a skull on top of it. Congratulations! You have successfully crafted a Club in Sons of the Forest. Have fun trying it on mutants, cannibals, or any other creature you see fit for attacking.

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