Sonic Generations Statue Room Codes Guide

Find out the Statue Room in Sonic Generations and know all the unlock secret codes in Sonic Generations to get a special figurine.

In Sonic Generations, there is a secret Statue Room that you can access through the Collections Room. Once you gain access, you can view different character models for characters across all Sonic games by entering specific passwords. This Sonic Generations Statue Room and Passwords guide will help you gain access to the Statue Room and list all the Secret Statue room codes.

It is important to note that these codes are consistent across all four systems: 3DS, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Sonic Generations Secret Statue Room Codes List

To access the Statue Room in Sonic Generations, head to the collections room, then stand to the right of the Movie Chair to the left of the Art Painting. Next, hold the Back/Select button on your controller for five seconds. You will then enter a trap leading to the Statue Room. In this statue room, there are 55 statues. You can enter the six-digit Sonic Generations passwords to get these statue figurines.

These are the Sonic Generations statue room codes you need to type to unlock these Statue Figurines:

Serial NumberPasswordUnlock
1204390Unlocks Sonic the Hedgehog
2171045Unlocks Classic Sonic
3632951Unlocks Miles “Tails” Prower
4359236Unlocks Classic Tails
5863358Unlocks Amy Rose
6679417Unlocks Knuckles the Echidna
7332955Unlocks Cream the Rabbit
8888200Unlocks Rouge the Bat
9894526Unlocks Espio the Chameleon
10544873Unlocks Blaze the Cat
11868377Unlocks Vector the Crocodile
12226454Unlocks Charmy Bee
13629893Unlocks Chao
14870580Unlocks Omochao
15613482Unlocks Dr. Eggman
16103729Unlocks Classic Eggman
17277087Unlocks Metal Sonic
18262416Unlocks Shadow the Hedgehog
19688187Unlocks Silver the Hedgehog
20353012Unlocks Big the Cat
21601409Unlocks E-123 Omega
22383870Unlocks Jet the Hawk
23507376Unlocks Hero Chao
24869292Unlocks Dark Chao
25309511Unlocks Chip
26483990Unlocks Moto Bug
27852363Unlocks Buzz Bomber
28363911Unlocks Crabmeat
29639402Unlocks Chopper
30275843Unlocks Grabber
31466913Unlocks Spiny
32360031Unlocks Eggrobo
33640456Unlocks Cop Speeder
34530741Unlocks Spinner
35668250Unlocks Gun Hunter
36975073Unlocks Gun Beetle
37125817Unlocks Egg Pawn
38872910Unlocks Iblis Biter
39513929Unlocks Iblis Taker
40711268Unlocks Iblis Worm
41851426Unlocks Egg Fighter
42973433Unlocks Egg Launcher
43329494Unlocks Aero-Cannon
44200078Unlocks Egg Chaser
45548986Unlocks Sandworm
46070178Unlocks Spring (Classic)
47537070Unlocks Spring (modern)
48209005Unlocks Item Box
49777921Unlocks Capsule
50933391Unlocks Goal Plate
51283015Unlocks Goal Ring
52390884Unlocks Ring
53008140Unlocks Chaos Emerald
54495497Unlocks Booster
55249651Unlocks Cucky/Picky/Flicky/Pecky

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