From Software May Be Developing A Dark Souls VR Game In The Future

We’ll be able to die from a first-person view in the near future according to Atsuo Yoshimura, the producer of Dark Souls 3. According to a statement that he made in an interview at the Golden Joystick Awards, Yoshimura said that we may be seeing Dark Souls VR at some point in the future.

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A Dark Souls PC mod has already been released before, but whether it would make the game easier or more difficult remains to be seen, such as how the game would deal with the larger enemies, especially the bosses, where enormous monsters are the norm as opposed to equal-sized enemies, not to mention how the movement system would work.

However, Dark Souls VR might just be the sort of lazy VR where you play it with a controller while looking at everything in a first-person view, or it might be a completely different sort of game rather than making your way through an entire game.

Even if it never happens, a Dark Souls VR prototype might end up getting some more press in the future, whether it’s in the form of a first-person Souls-like game or even a conventional VR game that players might make their way through that has a similar method of play to Dark Souls. Considering Dark Souls’s relatively simple control scheme, it would likely work very well as a VR game no matter what the setup, with players simply moving the hand controls to swing their sword and block with their shield.

Either way, whether or not a Dark Souls VR game will be coming to some VR game platform like the Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive it’s still a cool concept to deal with, and From might even up the difficulty, if they’re feeling particularly sadistic (which they undoubtedly are).