How To Get Silenced Weapons In Sniper Elite 5

The following guide will help you find silenced weapons, silencers and suppressors, and subsonic ammunition in Sniper Elite 5.

Stealth is an important element of Sniper Elite 5 which makes silenced weapons an absolutely necessary and lethal option. The following guide will help you find silenced weapons, silencers and suppressors, and subsonic ammunition in Sniper Elite 5.

Silenced weapons will allow you to pick out targets from long range without alerting nearby enemies. That being said, remember that silenced weapons are still audible to a certain degree depending on their make and customizations.

For weapon unlocks in Sniper Elite 5, we have a separate guide you can check out.

How To Get Silenced Weapons In Sniper Elite 5

You need to search for silenced weapons in the game. They can only be found, not unlocked, and are referred to as a “Found Weapon” in Sniper Elite 5.

They are usually found close to a dead opponent or kept in a safe place with patrolling guards. The armory and numerous sniper hideouts scattered across the maps are the best places to look for silenced weapons.

Understand that you cannot add silenced weapons to your inventory or take them into the next mission. They are only usable for the duration of the assignment or mission on hand.

They are also not reloadable and become useless after running out of ammunition. Your only option is to throw them on the ground to free up your hands. You can get rid of a silenced weapon by simply switching or scrolling through your weapons.

The greatest advantage of silenced weapons is that they are accessible much early in the game. You can later come across silencers and suppressors to upgrade your own weapons.

How To Unlock Silencer/Suppressor

You can unlock various attachments during the game like magazines, barrels, and suppressors. You can unlock a silencer by using the workbench in the Chateau basement of the second mission, Occupied Residence.

During the mission, take the stairs down to your right in the Chateau. Follow the path leading to the entrance of the armory. Take down the two guards that are guarding the armory and enter.

You will find the workbench right in the middle. Use the workbench to unlock the suppressor along with other enhancements.

Now open the menu and look into customizations for the weapon you are using. You’ll find the suppressor. Attach it to your weapon.

How To Use Workbench To Customize Weapons

Workbenches are one of the main collectibles in Sniper Elite 5 and are located at strategic points such as safe houses during missions.

There are a total of three workbenches for every mission in the game. These three types are Pistol workbenches, SMG workbenches, and Rifle workbenches.

To identify a workbench, look for a Nazi flag or a red flag on top of it. Once you have approached the workbench, you will see an option pop up on your screen to press this button on your controller to use the workbench.

Depending on the type of workbench you are using, the screen will show you the option to customize that specific weapon. For example, if you are using the pistol workbench it will show you to customize the pistol.

Select the weapon you want to customize and then select the customize icon on the right. This will open a menu showing different parts of the gun that are customizable.

You will see an option to customize Barrel, Muzzle, Magazine, Stock, and Receiver. During the early game, you will not see all the attachments unlocked. They will become unlocked as you progress through the game. The lock on the right side of the attachment will be converted to a box which you can check if you want to customize with that specific attachment.

The menu will show you the pro and cons of customizing with a specific attachment. For example, if you select Maxin 1910 suppressor then the pros are Quieter, and the cons are that it reduces aim stability.

How To Unlock Subsonic Ammo

You have learned how to find silenced weapons and unlock silencers for your own weapons until now. Sniper Elite 5 also has subsonic ammunition to further reduce the noise of your gunshots.

Subsonic ammo is available much earlier in the game and helps your stealth needs while you are still searching for a silencer attachment. Like the functionality of a suppressor, Subsonic ammo will also allow you to remain silent when you fire a rifle.

Early on, you will only be able to loot Subsonic ammo from dead bodies. Later on in the game, you’ll be able to unlock the ammo type after completing the Factory mission and add it to your permanent inventory for every mission.

You can load Subsonic ammo in your weapon by pressing L1 if you are using PlayStation and LB if you are using Xbox. If you want to change the different types of suppressed ammo during the mission, you can press R1.

When you run out of Subsonic ammo, you’ll be instantly converted back to standard ammo, so watch out for your remaining bullets.

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