Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7 Kill Challenge (Dr. Christian Junger) Guide

In Sniper ­Elite 5, each mission has a kill challenge in which your objective will be to take down an assigned target. In Mission 7 – ‘Secret Weapons,’ your Kill list target will be Dr. Christian Jungers. This guide will help you complete the Dr. Christian Junger Kill challenge in Mission 7 of Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7 Kill Challenge (Dr. Christian Junger) Walkthrough

Dr. Christian Junger is located in the northeastern part of the map and will be present in an aircraft hangar. To complete this Kill Challenge, you will need to eliminate Christian Jungers using a V2 Rocket.

Below is the location of Dr. Christian Junger in Sniper Elite 5.

Head to the location shown in the image above to reach the hangar where Junger is present. When you reach there, you will see him talking to some guards at the hangar entrance. However, please do not kill him right now.

Rather, kill the guards and perform a non-lethal takedown on Christian Junger. This will knock him out. Clear out the rest of the area so you are not interrupted when taking care of the doctor with a V2 Rocket.

Once the area is clear, drag Christian Junger’s body to the left side of the hangar where the V2 Rocket is located. Place him near the Rocket and then use it to kill him. This will complete the Kill challenge for mission 7 of Sniper Elite 5.


Once you kill Dr. Christian Junger with V2 Rocket, your Kill List mission will be completed, and you will receive ‘RSC 1918’ as a reward.

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