Sniper Elite 5: How To Find And Use Bolt Cutters And Crowbars

Sniper Elite 5 gives you the option to find your own infiltration or escape routes. The game encourages you to...

Sniper Elite 5 gives you the option to find your own infiltration or escape routes. The game encourages you to explore and scout every nook and cranny. While doing so, you’ll often come across locked doors or containers. That as well as points where a simple tool might make it possible to clear the way. This is where you’ll need either a bolt cutter or a crowbar. For more tips and tricks on Sniper Elite 5, you should check out our guide on that as well.

Where To Find Bolt Cutters In Sniper Elite 5

There are numerous bolt cutters scattered all over the maps in the game. You’ll have to search for them during missions. There is no option to unlock and include them as part of your loadout.

You’ll usually find bolt cutters near workbenches or in areas that are being guarded by enemies. Take note that each map has several bolt cutters to find but you only need to find one to last the entire mission.

You’ll lose your bolt cutter once the mission ends, and will have to find a new bolt cutter in the next mission.

How To Use Bolt Cutters

The primary use of a bolt cutter is to cut padlocks to gain entry into rooms and containers. When you arrive close to a door equipped with a padlock, you are presented with an option on a screen that will say to either pick the lock or break it open using a bolt cutter.

Select the option for break open using a bolt cutter, and it will open the lock. This method for opening is usually faster than lockpicking, but it comes with a drawback. Using a bolt cutter will create a loud sound that could attract nearby enemies. Hence, you need to be careful.

Where To Find Crowbars

Just like bolt cutters, you’ll have to explore the maps to find crowbars. There are also placed near workbenches or areas ripe with enemies.

You will find numerous crowbars during your missions. They are indestructible, meaning that you only need to find one crowbar per mission before having to search all over again when the next mission starts.

How To Use Crowbars

The primary use of a crowbar is to lift objects. It may be used to open closed containers or remove obstructions such as boards.

When you are prompted to either dismantle or break open the object in question, select break open to use your crowbar. However, using a crowbar will create a lot of noise. If there are enemies nearby, they are likely to rush to your location to check the noise out. You must be wary of your surroundings when using a crowbar.

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