Sloclap Appears To Be Working On Sifu 2

It appears that developer-publisher Sloclap is currently working on Sifu 2 as a direct sequel to the first game.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, internet sleuth Faizan Shaikh pointed out that Sloclap is currently working on an unannounced project which, based on job listings, could either be Sifu 2 or another martial arts-based game.

Sloclap, for example, is seeking a senior 3D animator for “a new stylized 3D action game license” that requires “a good knowledge of fighting game systems as well as an interest in martial arts.”

The position of a level designer also shares similar requirements of action and martial arts elements to be incorporated in various storytelling methods.

The listings furthermore point out the creation of “character and camera animations as part of cutscenes” and fighting movements such as attacks and dodges in real-time cinematic scenes.

The unannounced project is being powered by Unreal Engine 4, the same as Sifu.

Unfortunately for fans of the first game, the job listings make no mention of any multiplayer or online elements that many have been wishing for. The sequel, or whatever the developer is working on next, is probably another single-player experience.

Sifu was released in early February 2022 to critical acclaim. Its potential sequel, however, appears to have entered development at least a month before.

Sloclap may as well have known beforehand that it was sitting on a best seller. Sifu sold more than 500,000 copies within the first two days of release, going further to release more than 1 million copies by March 2022.

Sifu was released on PC and as a console exclusive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. That console exclusivity is likely to remain for its sequel unless Sloclap has considered adding Xbox to its supported platforms.

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