Slime Rancher Deep Brine Guide

This Slime Rancher Deep Brine Guide will give you all the information you need on how to acquire Deep Brine and what can it be used for. Deep Brine is a very versatile resource which can be used to craft various gadgets so finding it can be incredibly helpful.

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Slime Rancher Deep Brine

In our Deep Brine Guide, we have detailed some of the methods using which you should be able to find this rare resource in Slime Rancher.

How to Get Deep Brine Using Pump

Deep Brine is exclusively found deep underground in the Dry Reef area. Since it is underground, you need to have a pump to extract it.

Place the pump near any of the build sites in the Dry Reef and there should be Deep Brine extracted through each pump cycle.

To get a pump, you need 10000 NewBucks. Use them to unlock the Ranch Expansion known as Slime Science Lab. From here you can buy the pump, specifically in the Builder’s Shop.

The advanced pump is by far the best pump since it is able to go through more cycles than the normal version and thus, it will get you more Deep Brine.

Alternative ways to acquire the Pump are to find their blueprints in the Treasure Pods on the Glass Desert or as a 7Zee Rewards Club Rank reward.

Deep Brine Alternative Method

If you have a Treasure Cracker (Obtained from the Lab) along with the required colors, you can use it to open Treasure Pods to acquire Deep Brine.

Three Treasure Pods in Dry Reef and one in Ancient Ruins contain Deep Brine.
Occasionally, Gordo Slimes can also drop Deep Brine.

If you catch a Gordo Slime a Gordo Snare, it will probably drop a crate containing Deep Brine. the wild Crystal, Dervish, Hunter, Mosaic, and Tangle Gordos also drop Deep Brine when they are popped. Popping a Gordo is easy. Feed it’s favorite food until it bursts.

Uses for Deep Brine

Deep Brine can craft a multitude of Decorations, Curios and Slime Science Gadgets. The Following list not only lists the items that you can craft but lists how much Deep Brine is required to craft the mentioned items.

  • Sponge Shrub – 4
  • Sponge Tree – 4
  • Coral Grass Patch – 4
  • Verdant Grass Patch – 4
  • Grey Slime Lamp – 8
  • Pink Slime Lamp – 8
  • Red Slime Lamp – 8
  • Hydro Turret – 8
  • Pink Teleporter – 10
  • Fashion Pod Remover – 5
  • Googly Fashion Pod – 25
  • Serious Fashion Pod – 25

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