Slime Rancher Slime Key Locations Guide

In this Slime Rancher Slime Key Locations Guide, we will guide you on how to obtain Slime keys. Slime keys are used to open Slime Gates throughout the game and they allow you access to unique areas most of the time.

Therefore, you must collect all the Slime keys and unlock all the Slime Gates that are located in the game.

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Slime Rancher Slime Key Locations

Slime Keys are useful in Slime Rancher because they allow you to open Slime Gates and they allow you access to new and unique areas. Sometimes they will also unlock shortcuts so you do not have to take long routes to reach certain places.

Now, these Slime keys are not scattered around the map like normal collectibles. You can only get these Slime Keys by popping giant Gordo Slimes, which are hidden across the whole game.

In addition, you cannot pop them by hurting them with weapons or such; you will hurt them by feeding them.

To pop the Gordo Slimes, you must feed them their favorite food. In addition, not just feed them, you need to stuff them with so much food that they ultimately explode into tiny bits and dropping down great loot for you.

When they pop and drop loot, one of the items that they drop will be the Slime Key. Pick it up and the Slime key is all yours

Each of the Gordo Slime has its own favorite food and they will only eat that specific food otherwise they will not eat what you threw at them.

This comes with the exception of the Pink Gordo Slimes, which will eat everything. Now you must remember that not all Gordo Slimes drop Slime Keys.

There are 16 Gordo Slimes in the game. Out of these 16, only 11 will drop Slime Keys. So basically, there are 11 Slime Key locations in the game and they correspond with the Gordo Slime locations.

Also out of these 11 Slime Keys, you will be only using eight Slime Keys because there are only eight Slime Gates as of now.

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