Slime Rancher Ancient Ruins Gate Guide

If you’ve found yourself in quite the conundrum regarding the Ancient Ruins Gate in Slime Rancher, this guide will help you in unlocking and moving through the game.

In this Slime Rancher Ancient Ruins Gate Guide, we discuss the locations of all the statues present within the area, and the plorts required to unlock each and every one of them.

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Slime Rancher Ancient Ruins Gate

First of all, you need to find where the Ancient Ruins Gate is actually located. This gate is located in the Indigo Quarry. Head deeper into the quarry until you finally run into the gate.

This cave is located on the top of a mountain with some wooden fences along the path. A ramp-like path will be located behind the fence with some green crystals. Enter the cave to find a door. This door can only be unlocked with a Slime Key. Unlock the door and enter the area.

How to Open the Ancient Ruins Gate
Now that you have opened the area, your next step is to collect six different types of plorts and insert them in their respective statues to gain access to the Ancient Ruins Gate.

The plorts that you need are Rock, Rad, Honey, Tabby, Phosphor, and Boom. There is also a pink plort statue with the plort present right next to it.

Collect all the plorts and then continue your quest in opening the gate. Since you need more plorts than your inventory allows, you will be required to do a few runs back and forth to bring back all the required plorts to the area.

Each statue has matching colors with the plort that they require; so they are pretty easy to find. Shoot the correct plort in the slot and you will be good to go.

There is a total of six statues that you need to find and insert the respective plorts in them.

The Phosphor Statue
The first statue is right in front of the cave that you enter the area from. Exit the cave and go straight to find the Phosphor Statue.

The Rock Statue
When you enter the area and you turn right, you will see the Rock Statue sitting in front of the gate. Insert the Rock plort in it.

The Rad Statue
Your next statue is the Rad Statue. It is located on a ledge. As soon as you enter the area and you are heading towards the Phosphor Statue, you will come across a pile of broken stones.

Once there, turn left as soon as possible and this statue will be sitting on the ledge. You might have to look a little high to find it.

The Honey Statue
Your next target is the Honey Statue. Enter the area and head towards the Phosphor Statue.

When you reach it, turn left and you will see a path. Follow the path and the statue will be sitting at the end. Insert the Honey plort in it.

The Tabby Statue
For the next statue, you need to head to the Ancient Ruins Gate, when you are at the ramp to the gate, look to your left.

You will see a stone platform there. Simply jump on it and you will find the statue there. Insert the Tabby plort in it.

The Boom Statue
Your last statue is located right next to the main gate. As you go straight past the Phosphor Statue, you will come to a small stonewall.

Jump over it and stand right in front of the main gate. While there, look to your left and you will find the Boom Statue sitting there. Insert your last plort in it and voila!

Once all the plorts have been inserted in their respective statues, the Ancient Ruins Gate will unlock and you can finally go through it. This will also unlock the achievement ‘Into the Past’

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