Skyrim Black Book: Waking Dreams Quest Guide

Just like Epistolary Acumen, Waking Dream is another Black Book in Skyrim. This book is also part of the main questline. To acquire this black book in Skyrim, you must complete a quest. Here’s a guide that will help you collect the Waking Dream black book in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Waking Dreams quest walkthrough

Start the quest at the Temple of Miraak. Many dragon skeletons surround the temple’s perimeter, demonstrating Miraak’s power. Additionally, Miraak’s spell has affected a lot of people, who are building around the exterior.

It is possible to start this quest even if you haven’t finished Dragonborn. The Skaal needs to be released at the nearest Stone, and then you need to speak with Storn Crag-Strider. The Dragonborn will be directed to find his daughter Frea.

Temple grounds

Once you reach the temple grounds, you’ll see Frea trying to save her spellbound relatives, but she doesn’t succeed. Using an amulet she carved, she can resist Miraak’s influence.Furthermore, she will mention that a magical barrier guards the remaining Skaal in her village, which is protected by her father, the Skaal shaman.

A Cultist attack will occur during the conversation. Once they’re gone, you’ll follow Frea into the temple down a ramp. At a low level, even Draugr Deathlords can appear in this area.

If anything, useful is found in the nearby rooms, she will mention it when entering the temple. Each side of the passage has two rooms. There is a bowl containing precious stones in an alcove of the south wall of the first room on the left.

On the left, there is a chest and leveled potions in the second room. There is a pressure plate on the ground that releases poison darts at the end of the corridor to the north at a doorway leading into a room.

At this point, there will be two cultists appearing, and on each side, there will be a druid. A small room follows the enemies are defeated. It is important to be careful because traps can be found anywhere. Miraak’s story is also revealed through Frea.

Continue north until you reach a small passage with two pressure plates. You can open the gate by pulling the chain at the right end of a set of stairs at the north end.

Center room

In the center of the room, several cages are suspended from the ceiling. Frea glances at the guardrail as she walks over. To her right, she notices the balcony area is higher and notices that the staircase is gone, but she believes that the Dragonborn will be able to climb up.

There will be two sarcophagi when you check all four corners of the room from the center.  You must defeat all the draugr and after that, a large beam will take you and Frea out of the room from the roof.

Once you’re out of the room through the roof, jump onto the connecting bridge. You’ll see a room right in front of the terrace.

This room can be easily opened by a handle on the right side. This room will take you and Frea to the basement through the stairs. While passing through the hallway, more draugr will attack you. Defeat them and keep on moving forward. As you move forward, you will face one more draugr and a boss.

Defeat them and head to the sanctum of Miraak’s Temple. In the sanctum, you will have to kill an of skeletons and draugr.

After crossing the bridge, you will enter a room. On the right side, you will find coins, potions, purses, and some spell books well.  Gather anything you need from these items and start fighting draugr. A melody will be played in the word. During this, A gatekeeper will attack you.

Find the temple key hidden within the Gatekeeper’s sarcophagus, then open the door behind it after finding the temple key. Guests still seated at the macabre dining table can be seen in the doorway. A tunnel leads behind the table to the kitchen and a larger dining area.

Navigate through the rooms

She will tell you to have a look around while backtracking to the dining area when she realizes the kitchen has become a dead end.

A path leads to a handle in the southeast corner of the kitchen, which contains an alchemy lab, potions, and ingredients. In the dining area, a window will appear when activated. A few minutes later, Frea heads into the next room and looks at the statues, hinting that they may fill in some gaps in the story of Miraak.

Similarly, she will ask that you activate the button at a distance while she waits. A wooden staircase is revealed under the handle when the floor grate is removed. You will find another set of stairs down the path. The rock wall can be lowered by pulling a handle in two empty rooms.

Open the door after you have descended another set of stairs. Draugr and skeletons will guard the chamber, which is wired with tripwires that set off falling boulders. Loot the chest behind his sarcophagus after facing a draugr. Get the Black Book, Waking Dreams, by activating the chain on the southern wall.


You will unlock the achievement The Temple of Miraak after collecting Waking Dream in Skyrim.


The quest might get stuck when you’re reading the book. You might lose sight of Frea during this quest. So, make sure that you keep an eye on Frea. Apart from this, if you start another quest on top of this one, Frea might get a bit dangerous and tough to rescue.

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